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OP: 「Sonic Boom」 Maaya Sakamoto


The Country of Celes is being swallowed up by Fay’s magic. King Ashura is dead and Fay uses his magic to transport Sakura, Syaoran and Mokona off the world due to a magical barrier closing it off. As he tries to use his magic to get Kurogane and himself to safety Fay painfully discovers his magic isn’t enough because of his power being halved by the Syaoran clone. Outside Celes Country, Mokona instructs Syaoran to take off his earring because the other Mokona told him to do so in a dream. The earring then sends a pathway for Kurogane and Fay to escape however Fay cannot. Kurogane cuts off his left arm sacrificing it and his sword, Sohei, to pull Fay through.

Kurogane awakens back in his country and finds Tomoyo beside him. She tells him that it was her that planted a suggestion into his head about sacrificing something that was just as powerful as Fay to save him. Tomoyo precedes to ask Kurogane whether he learned what true strength was or not, and he replies that he doesn’t know. He continues that because of killing Ashura it has made him weaker, but he doesn’t regret losing his arm. He also realizes that physical strength cannot protect everyone. Tomoyo lets him know that she believes he understands what true strength means. She stands up and apologizes to a guest outside the room for making them wait. The guest is Fay and he calmly walks in and slugs Kurogane in the head. Fay tells him that its, “payback, Kuro-sama.”

Syaoran finds Sakura’s soulless body in a cherry blossom tree that’s supposed to infuse her with vitality. In a flashback, Syaoran recalls of when he told Watanuki to not disappear. Tomoyo, Kurogane, Fay, and Mokona appear and they talk about Sakura’s condition. After Fay had stabbed Sakura in the Infinity Arc her body and soul had split apart. Amaterasu and Sōma greet the travelers and inform them that their journey is far from over. Amaterasu then calls out another person who is revealed to be Fūma. He greets the group announcing that he has something to deliver and proceeds to pull out a cybernetic left arm. He explains that the arm is indeed for Kurogane and he acquired it from Piffle World. Fay reveals that he paid the price to Yūko with his remaining magical power while Kurogane slept. His remaining eye turns hazel and Mokona sends the crystal to Yūko.

Seishirō suddenly appears and says the same greeting Fuma said. It’s then that Mokona realizes that the two are brothers. Seishirō calls Fay out about him having the power of a vampire and grabs him by the throat. He insistently asks where the vampire twins, Kamui and Subaru are. Fay breaks away from his grip and Seishirō asks a bit more politely where the two are. Fay explains that they met them in Tokyo. Seishirō asks if that’s where they still are which Fuma replies that they are not and they would not reveal where they were heading to Seishirō’s little brother. As Seishirō is ready to depart to the next world Syaoran stops him and asks where the feather is. The two are sent into a separate dimension by Tomoyo so the castle would not be destroyed. The two fight for the feather.

Sakura awakens in the dream world and meets a stunned Watanuki. The two talk about the time they had met and Sakura realizes that she’s trapped in a dream.

As the fight between Seishirō and Syaoran continue, Tomoyo approaches Fay and asks him if he wanted to see her. He says that when they met in person when they first arrived to Kurogane’s country that he couldn’t sense her being a dreamseer. Tomoyo says that she is the same as Fay in that she gave up her power to Yūko so that the journeying group could be transported to her country after they had escaped Celes. She explains that because she can see the future there is little of what she can do about it. That’s why King Ashura went down the path that he did. Inside the separate dimension Syaoran is stabbed by Seishirō’s sword and he’s knocked down. Seishirō who seems finished with the fight prepares to leave. Syaoran calls out for him to wait, that he’s not beat yet. Syaoran unleashes Raitou Shourai onto Seishirō and jumps after the feather which Syaoran is able to reclaim however it sends him away.

In the dream world Sakura asks Watanuki his name. She realizes that his name means April 1st which is her and Syaoran’s birthday. A hand suddenly appears which belongs to Syaoran as he pulls himself into the dream world. As he stares at Sakura another being pulls himself into the dream world. It is the clone.

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ED: 「Kioku no Mori」 FictionJunction YUUKA

As a first review I don’t think you could pick a better series to start with than Tsubasa Chronicle especially if it’s the follow up to last year’s (fantastic!!!) Tokyo Revelations. The more I continue to write this though I kinda wish it were more like Tokyo Revelations however this is no way intended to be a diss. This first episode out of two begins as the Celes arc comes to an end and for a minute you have to scratch your head and ask, “Did I miss something.” Yes, my friend you did. The OVAs are supposed to be a crossover with the xxxHOLiC Shunmuki OVAs. So for all of this to “magically” happen a few Tsubasa arcs had be skipped over. (Yeah, it sucks.) I will admit that I’m a little bummed out on this decision only because we get to learn about Fay’s past in the Celes arc and it doesn’t help that it’s skimmed over in this episode.

Speaking of this episode I will say it is still an enjoyable watch if you’re caught up in the manga like I am. Its been awhile since I last read this arc in the manga, but it looks like everything made it. The animation is especially well done and crisp. It flows very well during flashbacks and fight scenes however I did notice a few awkward character models here and there. Things got really exciting towards the end with Seishirō and Syaoran’s fight, and it was nice to see Watanuki speak up for one of the first times in this series. I’m certainly looking forward to the next episode of Shunraiki and to see what is in store for our heroes.


  1. well… it’s an OAD, not an OVA. so more like a bonus for those buying the manga and already knowing what’s it about.

    still a good episode ( even for a recap ). =)

  2. no season, just a boni within the manga…

    i guess there would be about at least 6-12 episodes missing before this episode would make sense for those only watching the anime.

  3. I’m also a little disappointed they skipped the Celes arc because I wanted to see more animated Ashura (and his prettiful hair) but this definitely rocks in its own way.

  4. Well like someone already said ppl got it with the manga so the gap wasnt a trouble for them. I although i have that the next animated tsubasa chronicle is like tokyo Revelations and make sense for everyone ;). Good OAD though 😀

  5. Dunno why they just make it a proper OVA series, doing it arc by arc every so often.
    At least that way they can continue from the TV series so everyone can understand and enjoy it, whereas in its current form, it’s just a treat for manga readers.

  6. @blinx01

    That’s rather the point, you have to buy the manga to even see these legally. Their intended audience are those that buy the manga and not those that have only seen the anime.

  7. Yes no Celes or, more importantly, no Infinity -__-

    The worth of this OAD is SERIOUSLY downgraded by that fact alone.

    Let’s just Say I won’t even watch this till I get my Infinity and Celes OADs >__>

    I know they will do them….they have to….they have to >__>

  8. I love both these series. I do prefer XXXholic to Tsubasa Chronicles. I did find (as someone who doesn’t read the manga) it quite confusing the way they jumped right into the middle of a story like they did. Is ok if you read the manga and are up to date but unfair for just the anime watchers (like me) that are going WTF after watching this 1st episode?

    Technically Card Captor Sakura is somehow in with these 2 series also. I guess you could say CCS was a prequel.

  9. i still hope for season 3 tsubasa chronicle this ova and oad is just like a OVA!

    but they huge JUMP to and links to ova and oad T_T pretty sad total episode skip is 1 – 20+ episode!!

  10. You serious they skipping Infinity and Celes; well dont care about Infinity but common Celes T_T. Oh well Nihon arc is awesome too but i hope they will do Infinity and Celes later. I can say it isn’t as great as the manga but it was nicely done for 2 episode Arc; the final episode is going to be EPIC.

  11. @hellknight
    Well, not that much, but

    If going by OAD format of 23 minutes:

    Infinity would take up 4 OADs,
    Celes would take up 3.

    So yes, we are 7 OADs away from trctr >_>

    They should really make the Celes and Infinity adaptations as:
    1. Infinity is the strongest arc, developing TRC!Sakura’s character, as well as it is arc which shows us just how divided the group became after Tokyo Revelations and paves the way for Celes arc of Fai’s past.
    2. Celes is the most crucial part of storyline and Fai’s reasons.

    I am sure they will, They must. I am sure this was just a caprice to make “xxxholic/tsubasa” crossover oad ASAP, and they will go on and fill the blanks in between Tokyo Revelations and Shunraiki latter on.

    Scratch that. I am FURIOUS that they did not animate Celes or Infinity….

  12. @arigatou: u should have used spoiler tags for your comment. there are some, who didn’t want to know. it’s surely the heaviest spoiler.

    at least we know there will be one more OAD. ( as far as i know, there are only 2 )

  13. i like the oP a lot! especially the part where clone syaoran and sakura open their eyes! XD

    im am SUPER excited with the second episode of this ova… but it made me disappointed that they did not follow the anime… its quite obvious that this ova is for the manga readers…

    and another thing: the tokyo revelations had 3 episodes, now shunraiki will have 2… dont tell me the next one is going to have 1 episode only?! no0o0!! T.T

  14. Anime Junkie: Thank you. It was a bit rough and I caused Omni a lot of hell (long story) doing it, but don’t expect another review from me for awhile. I do plan to do the next Tsubasa OAD.

    mYsterY~: Kurogane is what I’d like to call a beast.

  15. Am I the only one who loves the Infinity arc?
    I thought !Sakura was really cool and the end was nice and twisting.
    As for Celes arc it creeped me out too much because of bony wrinkled Yuui.
    Though it really doesn’t feel nice to skip arcs. What’ll folks who haven’t read the manga think?

  16. UnknownVoice: Oh, yes it does!

    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. @ C.

    That’s a surprise. I just read the chapter today and sure enough it is. Why is the star wand important to Tsubasa Reservoir Syaoran’s mother is now something I wonder. They are all really intricately connected.

  18. @C.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. I have been waiting for this series….AH, it was just as awesome as the manga. I’ve been reading both mangas (TRC and XXXholic) and they did a damn good adapting both into OVA’s. Can’t wait for the next episode in this arc! And people who haven’t been reading the manga but watch the anime of both series should consider reading the manga. The story only gets more twists and complex, both weaving into each other so much with the other….just go read it. It will all make so much more sense.

    @msgundam2-read the manga. I won’t answer your question concerning whether or not it ties into cardcaptor sakura kinomoto…just go read the manga, and your question will be answered.

  20. They ought to release an OAV of the Celes Arc (and the Infinity Arc). No matter how far the story is now because of Shunraiki.
    Fay is a major character in the series, so how are people (and fans who only watch the anime) supposed to know HIS story? Kurogane had his in the second season so Fay deserves it, too. And it’s a very good part of the entire story starting with the Infinity Arc when Fay kills…well, I can’t say it or else I’ll spoil the story to those who don’t know – yet.
    Infinity Arc and Celes Arc provides vital information that leads to the Nihon Arc and even way back to the first chapter/episode.

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