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So there’s this chick voiced by Kawasumi Ayako, who looks like some chick from Claymore, who turns out was Elena in Claymore, which isn’t really a bad thing, since Ayako is awesome and Claymore was a pretty good show. But then, this pink bunny girl voiced by Kugimiya Rie shows up with hair that molds into hands which cover her boobs, and immediately the show goes to shit. Timestamp? 33 seconds. Hoh boy, we’re in for a long one…

I should point out here that it is immediately obvious that while this show is going to try to have some semblance of a plot, the gaudy character designs and their willingness to shed clothing is not exactly a vote of confidence in the story department. As such, my coverage of the plot is going to remain a distant second from my commentary on the ridiculousness of it all.

It’s quite a departure and frankly a bit awkward to have Kugimiya Rie voice such a busty character, as 99% of her previous characters have a problem graduating from their training bra. The remaining 1% doesn’t need a bra as they are alchemetically binded to a giant suit of metal armor. Furthermore, these particular breasts are filled with some kind of crazy acid that’s strong enough to melt the steel of a sword, the thin tunic off a young maiden’s chest, and yet leave the skin of said maiden a smooth glisten. Wonderful.

Anyways, Rie kicks the shit out of Ayako, and out of nowhere this loli waki angel voiced by Hirano Aya shows up. She’s like one of the judges or something for this Queen’s Blade competition or whatever. I guess it’s like Sekirei, except these girls don’t fk around with stupid shit like men. Otaku everywhere, rejoice, as there will be no 2D stud to compete with your affections.

After getting her magnificent ass handed to her, Ayako gets bailed out by some dom chick voiced by Kaida Yuko, the same voice of Ryuuken-sama from Mariaholic and Ryomou Shimei from Ikkitousen. Ah, a veteran of the genre. They head to the castle where Ayako and her sisters live. Ayako’s imouto is this spry little chick with more acceptable proportions and a more acceptable age than most of these other characters, plus she’s some crazy tsundere siscon, so she’s pretty awesome. And she’s voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori, the one who did Akane in Kiminozo, Ai-chan in ARIA, Miyako in Hidamari…

Ai-chan doesn’t much like Ryomou, so they start getting into it, before the onee-sama with the thunder element shows up and whips everybody into shape. Ryuuken gets thrown in jail where she shows off her legs and ass, all the while Ayako is being forced to go to some party, which seems like a giant excuse to show her taking off her corset afterwards. Again, no complaints from me.

So pretty soon, Ryomou busts out of jail and steals a bunch of shit, including this huge suit of armor which she someone fits into this little satchel, which then ends up in Ayako’s room. It’s like some godly piece of armor, which Ayako really needs cuz she is by far the weakest fighter in the show. Well, she doesn’t really fight at all, just gets her beautiful ass kicked all over the place.

Of course, the armor just seems to be another excuse to show off some more boobs, as she doesn’t wear anything under it. My understanding of medieval defensive garb is far from comprehensive, but I’m pretty sure they wore tunics or leotards or plug suits or whatever underneath them, but the prospect of cold steel pushing up on those perfect breasts is pretty intriguing.

And as if on call, pink T-1000 shows up and starts whooping on Ayako, as Ryuuken and thunder onee-sama start getting it on. I’d comment on the fight scenes, but there really aren’t any, just a lot of posing, running, hiding, and pissing, as Ayako forgot to wear her cup for her armor. Eventually Ayako feels an enormous rush of ecstasy and decides to confess her love for Rie, so she gives her a huge hug, which causes Rie’s lethal tits to explode. Ryuuken runs away in the commotion.

The next day, Ayako washes up on shore, and tells Ryomou she’s gonna go on a journey. Her clothes remained on the whole time, so I was actually able to pay some attention to what she was saying.
ED Sequence

note: the actual ED is a song by Kawasumi Ayako, Noto Mamiko, Hirano Aya, but the ending in this episode was just an orchestral track
Where do I begin? This is a perfect example of one of those shows that really has no clue what it’s doing, but they try really hard in doing it so it comes out as this catastrophic masterpiece so ridiculous and over-the-top it’s impossible to not talk about. Let me say upfront that I’m only blogging this first episode so I’ll have something to refer back to if and when one of the shows I blog start turning shitty. No matter how terrible they get, it won’t come close to Queen’s Blade.

The first thing that really stuck out was the disconnect between animation and voice acting. This happens sometimes in shows that are less than perfectly animated, being voiced by seiyuu that just run circles around the animation. This frequently happens with Kugimiya Rie as her voice just has so many dynamics and expressions to it that it’s too hard for anything to keep up, but then having Kawasumi Ayako’s very docile voice out-act the on screen character was a bit awkward. Ayako is capable of a low, solemn voice (Kurau), which typically fits her character very well so it doesn’t seem unnatural; the chick in this show? Odd. It’s like when Mini-me starts talking in a Barry White voice. It’s not impossible, it’s not unbelievable, but it’s just weird, you know?

See, I don’t even think it necessarily has to do with animation quality, as the Touhou doujin anime had amazing voice acting and absolutely horrid animation, but it fit. The characters looked right, they did the proper actions and had the proper personality to fit the voice. Queen’s Blade, not so much. Some characters better than others, but most of them were just a total mess.

And then there’s the ridiculousness of it all. We’ve seen Tenjou Tenge and Ikkitousen and saw how these kinds of shows can get, but they don’t come anywhere close to the kind of shit Queen’s Blade is trying to pull. The Rie’s boob-cannon was already too much, but then at the end they clog up and explode? I guess I’ve seen weirder shit in anime, but with one as high-profile as this one? Probably not.

The thing is, I keep wondering what the hell the producers were thinking, and what the hell these A-list voice actresses are getting paid to get them to sign up for such a disaster. And something tells me they know exactly what they are doing – after all, they got me to blog about it – but christ, I have no idea what that is right now. And maybe I never will, but suffice to say that the first episode has been so ridiculous and so over-the-top that I will probably continue watching every week just to see what kind of crazy shit they’ll pull.

And that was probably their intention the whole time. At any rate, both Omni and I are avoiding this show like a tentacle monster avoids the dick.

Up next on Queen’s Blade: more boobs.


  1. “At any rate, both Omni and I are avoiding this show like a tentacle monster avoids the dick.”

    I see what you did.

    But really, is fanservice bordering on hentai a little extreme? I understand blood and gore, but this? really, they need to figure out what this is going to get them in the end.

  2. Surprisingly, the small screen caps look pretty nice, which makes you wonder how much better the show would look had it not been aired on AT-X. I don’t think any station but AT-X would get away with airing something like this though.

    Objectively speaking, I think the animation quality, character designs, seemingly existent plot, and of course personalities (thanks to the all-star cast) does warrant this series the benefit of the doubt, but it’s understandably hard to do so when there’s that much nudity throughout.

    Maybe I should come back to blog it? 😛

    P.S. I like how you chose not to refer to any character by name Jaalin, because it’s all about the seiyuus after all! Kugimiya Rie talking dirty and telling Kawasumi Ayako that she just wet herself? I don’t think you’ll find that anywhere else…

  3. divine: if i had the time, i would just refer to them by their boob size. “and then, double D’s executes a cross slash which shreds G cup’s dress, dignity, and marriage prospects…”

  4. jaalin:

    I think I’d have difficulty judging who’s the double D and who’s the G though. Unless there’s a clear B to C girl (which would be the best IMO), it may as well be “big boob girl 1”, “big boob girl 2”, etc. >__>

  5. This got quite a few subdued chortles out of me. Kind of a shame you’re not blogging more of this, Jaalin. You might feel it would be wasted effort, but this is certainly a case where the summary is more entertaining than the show. Maybe a condensed blog every 4-5 (or whatever) eps? Would that be too much?

  6. well since you asked i might have to reconsider, but based on past experience, my tolerance for blogging a show of this caliber is a grand total of 1 episode, after which i fall off a cliff. better to quit while i’m ahead xD

  7. ahhhh this is da kinda shit that takes me back to the mid-90’s when i first discovered ANIME.. you know, the “OHH SHIT MY NIGGA!! You gotta check out this sicko japanese animation called LA BLUE GIRL” type of situation. this was the type of hallmark that gave anime some popularity in my neck of the woods.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. I don’t know about that jaalin, but I do plan to watch it for a few more episodes. You know… for the seiyuus and all.

    Noto Mamiko’s miko character (Tomoe) shows up next episode. It’s Himegami all over again, but with fan service.

    Anyway, I think you’re doing a good job of it so you should continue. 🙂

  9. Now that I think about it, I’m very interested in how this will be censored. I’ve heard of Christian groups selling edited versions of movies that cut out swearing, violence, gore, and sexuality but when they got to a movie like Kill Bill it turned into something that was about 50 minutes long and made no sense at all.

    @ MaimeDaifuku

    Did you just write “I understand violence and gore but this?” referring to fan-service? At the risk of offending you I say “Are you fucking serious?” You would understand a series of choice Elfen Lied scenes stitched together in a 20 minute blood-bath but the concept of hentai mystifies you? Yeah this show really should probably have just been released as a full on hentai but it’s designed to push it as far as possible without doing that. Sex sells and there’s really absolutely nothing more to this series than that.

    Cheshire Lion
  10. “At any rate, both Omni and I are avoiding this show like a tentacle monster avoids the dick.”

    lmfao , I can’t stop laughing *writes it down*

    ps about the minors reading the blog thing, they were gonna see titties sooner or later >:D

  11. My GOD! What has gotten into them?

    Who in the right mind would even consider wasting time and resources into making this into an anime?
    WTH? Who would even think of this in the first place? Did a 10 year old, horny little retard thought up the whole concept and story?

    Oh my GOD!!!! Now this is the lowest point an anime has ever reached. Quite and achievement if you think what horrible anime there are already out there!

    Good ….job?

  12. “At any rate, both Omni and I are avoiding this show like a tentacle monster avoids the dick.”

    …I’m not sure what you mean because depending on what a person reads, he or she can interpret that to mean you guys will be watching it. XDD

  13. wow, if you think about it, the people behind THIS do really have to think, that people, who are watching anime have to be horny, retarded, yearning-for-scandal little pigs.
    and the greatest thing is, that, besides this ridiculous, dumb, storyless, retarded, embarrassing (and whatever other fitting adjective there is out there)content of this show, almost everyone will be watching this.
    wow. hats off.

  14. Holy shit. This better be airing in the early morning hours between 2AM and 5AM…If it’s airing anytime other than those times, it’s way to effin’ early…literally.

  15. Just the screenshots have me roflmao hysterically.

    Queen’s Blade seems so bad/funny that I just have to watch it. Maybe it will be okay if you treat it as a hentai comedy. 😀

    Ninja Penguin
  16. >My understanding of medieval defensive garb is far from comprehensive
    Dude, Armor Class – the less it covers, the higher the defense rating. This is in the training manual.

  17. For a fan of yuri (right now, strong yuri potential with an all female cast), this show is like ikki tousen without the male characters or generic lucky fuck who receives a harem of women!! I can deal with the crazy random shit this show is sure to bring. 🙂

  18. ya when i saw this i was all like wtf just wtf , this is not just girls fighting for the queen role its more lol. BUT then again to them showing boobs is natural cause there are no men so its not like they need to be embarrassed in public so basically boobs show is natural in here for that reason lol. but still wtf at boob spray and boob explosion. at that part i was like oi oi stop ur hurting her ur hurting her nooooo ahhhhh wtf it exploded noooo dam some mental damage i got there.

  19. I think it doesn’t help that Queen’s Blade was originally a series of art books… though I’ve noticed a trend of anti-fanservice elitism. But at the same time… some of this show is a bit much for me (someone who digs fanservice), but things like breast acid, and armor so skimpy it makes Soul Calibur characters blush….

  20. This show is so wrong that it’s so good!

    and tentacle monsters don’t avoid dicks!!!!!! So you are going to keep blogging this I suppose lol!

    Isn’t it great that you can just keep blogging this and have something to ridicule everything single week? heh

  21. I’m speechless. Those Japs are crazy for airing something like this. One thing I really am interested in though is the artwork. The background artwork and especially the ED sequence caught my eye. I’m going to download the raw and cut out the ED. It’s the only part I can actually learn something from. :]

    Oh and I agree with a person who mentioned that there were minors reading this blog and that there should be some kind of confirmation or something along those lines to read this.. -nods-

  22. i’m pretty sure this show will be the most commented first episode of the series ever!

    I like ecchi shows, but this show takes it to a new whole level called hentai. I know japanese folks like this kinds of shows however this is just wrong.

    let’s not keep the whole series a big loser. the ending was nicely done! that’s all

  23. this is just…not good. Looking at it, it kinda makes me sick…and normally I love girls but the full frontal nudity is too much. And I saw a Kallen Kouzuki ripoff in there.

  24. My thought: this is soo weird, boobs gun ? wtf with tht, i watched the raw, and all i would say the storyline might get a lil intresting later on, just the characters setting are just toooooo weird with those all-mighty-boobs.

  25. its not so bad only lots of boobs and ass 😛 i reckon u should follow it for another episode at least,

    and i agree with someone who posted earlier, it seems like u had already made ur mind up before watching

    it seems kinda stupid to drop after one episode, everyone knows that u need to at least watch a few episodes of an anime or read a few chapters of a manga to understand it a bit

    so imo it’d be nice to watch the next episode so then u can drop it after giving it chance
    …………….not to say that i know more than u of course XD

  26. @someguy and someone:
    Who can blame Jaalin? I saw him in Omni’s Spring 2009 preview, so I think he knows what he is writing about. Besides, we should all know what Queen’s Blade is all about long before it became an anime – bewbs, asses and MOAR bewbs and MOAR asses.
    Queen’s Blade airs at 8:00AM – apparently because by this time all good Japanese schoolchildren should be in school, or at least walking into school.
    Fanservice as extreme as this is usually beyond my tolerance level, but apparently what will keep me hooked (i.e. at least to a blog coverage on this anime) is its surprisingly solid seiyuu cast – it’s like AT-X says: “Forget Nice Boat – we have Nice Bait”.
    Sure Omni and Jaalin have a low tolerance for fanservice, but this time they have a good reason to quickly turn this down.

  27. First off what is this show showing that cannot be viewed on a good beach(except for acid spray pseudo beastststs).

    I’ll watch it because after a few thousand shows of the normal Japanese recycled humor, it will be fresh and different to see something truly bizarre for a change of pastys.

    frankly this season looks to be a snorer with maybe the sole exception of FMA redone, there is nothing I want to watch, so I am attracted to the Tanya Harding of this seasons anime.

    Now if they could only slip in some cat girls…..

  28. This….is….AWESOME!!!

    I kinda figured they were going to go the bad B Movie route but I had no idea at the level of dedication the would put into it….in the first episode. Wow.

  29. I’m gonna say this once: Japan are smarter than us, but seriously I give this anime much a little respect than all of this, just like always I give one more episode before I give and take to continue this series.

  30. Anyone who watches this knows what they are getting. No questions about it. However I wasn’t expecting it to beat Kanokon in the first episode, heh.

    To be honest, I would rather watch this than the likes of FMA’s retread & K-ON

    man or astro-man
  31. For me, I’d say the girl with short blue hair and the is the most attractive. Never did like huge boobs. And I like girls with short hair, especially if they’re blue.

    On a side note: WHERE ARE ALL THE GUYS?!

  32. hahahha….wtf? it’s just boobs and assess everywhere….i ratha categorised this as a hentai collection instead of an anime….i will never watch this anime with a straight face….i will highly doubt the story will be gud, but i’ll watch it onli at a different case….

  33. note that there were TWO incidents of peeing…
    anyways, minus the sexuality there was nothing “lulzy” or particularly bad about this, seriously. and it is most definitely not the first instance of boob guns (not just for lulz), though i must say it is quite ridiculous and they are definitely pushing it with this one. there are plenty of more messed up non-hardcore stuff coming from japan, one thing that comes to mind is that manga about ridiculous amounts of proxy urination or whatever.

  34. Okay this show is actually a straight up hentai just minus the sex (for now). It’s only matter of time before there is a full blown sex scene. Judging by this episode don’t be surprised if a LOT is hinted at happening off screen. When you include lactation you have left the realm of just having a show with nudity but crossed over to something else.

  35. Ok, those of you who so blatantly dismiss this as hentai have obviously no clue what Queen’s Blade is about. In case you were unclear about this (and as Duran mentioned earlier), Queen’s Blade/Gate is series of all female-cast,visual/art combat books that is clearly aimed at a fanservice crowd. Why would anyone expect anymore(or less) from this? So there is a lot of nudity, big deal, Queen’s Blade has always been over the top and they know it. They could care less about a masterpiece story, it’s not their goal. At least they have good seiyuu, decent animation, and the art style sticks true to their origin. If you can’t stand ecchi and big breasts, don’t watch it. Solution solved! But excluding the nudity, there is really no difference between this and Rosario Vampire which was a show chock full of fanservice and a silly plot that rarely went anywhere most episodes.

  36. @someone

    Yeah… I am pretty sure it will turn into a superbly profound anime by the next episode because pissing and boob gun are just all cover up for a delicately written story with the epic twist of an award winning novel.

    I like fanservice and I like hentai, but if it is something like this, then I can just go for the actual hentai since the story is almost at that level already, just without the actual goody-showing and f*cking…

  37. Damn who can pass up on such a goodie show with such nice fan service and omg boobies are so nice… ecchi + nudity = hentai or borderline hentai

    there is nothing stopping me from this show and I DEMAND the uncensored version u heard me AT-X…

  38. Well, I watched the uncensored RAW episode on Veoh and although it takes a little getting used to certain aspects I can’t say that I don’t like it. In fact I found that I really do like it. The art it well excecuted and the setting is quite intriguing (it’s like Xena: Warrior Princess meets Ikki Tousen). I also like the idea of an all female cast. The fact that full breasts are visible doesn’t bother me in the least. I think I will watch this!

  39. Looks like I can only formulate one response and it will be the most immature response I have made and likely will ever make on this blog.

    When I saw this episode, all sense of story fell to the wayside and all I could say was….

    now that that is out of my system.
    Might be more worth watching than K-ON was.
    While quaint. I only moderatly enjoyed both shows and have to drop one in favor of the other. else my netbook will be too full to do anything on.

  40. My question is, how did it take them 4 years to finally make an animation version of this? They had the game books, manga and figures seemingly quickly. Also cause of the fact that all the figures let you see boobage, I was expecting this to be a hentai OVA… not a ecchi series. Cause that’s what it is now… well with acid lactation.

    I guess this is one of those things you watch for lulz amoung other things.

  41. Okay to be honest the quality of this show is quite impressive. Even though with the random crap they had in this. I wouldn’t mind what they have next. I mean come on, angel Aya getting barely any screen time and her complaining about it made me laugh. She’s perfect for this role. At least you know woman can be like men, topless and in charge :P. I might watch this for kicks and giggles because really this seasons list is quite dissapointing other than the OVA’s like Spice and Wolf and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei.

  42. I can’t believe OMNI allowed you to blog this..
    In any case, exactly how much did they pay Rie Kugimiya to do this?! Was the pay for Taiga and Nena’s(not to mention others) role not enough?!
  43. so… why did you even bother to watch the first episode if you have no intention of blogging it? why waste your life on going to lengths to justify not watching something when you could just *not watch it*?

  44. Jesus this is the first time i’ve laughed so much just by checking out the screenshots of a new anime that isn’t even a comedy one to start with… this is just too bad… xDDDDDD how did Rie Kugimiya, Tanaka Rie, Noto Mamiko and Hirano Aya end up being seiyuus in a sh*tty show like this? I guess they were needing some pocket money… I hope someone hypnotizes them later, so they can forget about this awesome (not) experience x’D

  45. all right – just to make it clear:
    this ones censored right? (i mean u see a shadow own there…>_> or is this the “uncensored tv version” which will me redone for the dvd market…like sekirei)

    but in the same raw – they show them peeing twice, breast expanding, breast milk x2 and even bondage… remember kids – its from the same studio which brought us ikki tousen and words worth 😉

  46. Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought the voice acting was completely off. We have A-list seiyuus here and the only one who seemed to properly fit the animation and timing and character was that of Aya Hirano – the moeblob angel that failed to watch the fights.

    But hey, I’m gonna keep watching it, because it has tits. Tons of them. TONS of fap material. And that’s pretty much it.

  47. “and what the hell these A-list voice actresses are getting paid to get them to sign up for such a disaster”

    Are they at an age where they need to “grow up and play more ‘adult’ roles” according to their management? (See also, Ann Hathaway in Havoc)

  48. Right, I watched two shows today. K-ON! and Queens Blade. Let’s just say that Queens Blade was whatever K-ON! was.

    I’m going to rant here and sound out of character, but this show deserves it.

    Ok, where to begin,

    Am I the only one who see this catastrophe for what it is??? Oh my god… There was no plot, the characters weren’t well established and was just unwatchable.

    The only good point about this show was the nudity. I have to say, for all the times I complained about censorship, I couldn’t give a **** about this. Sure there were a number of fetishes, Lactation, Wetting, Inflation and Bondage. Seriously though, if I wanted to see some naked girls/fetishes, I have a thousand other avenues to do so.

    In conclusion, I can’t see why everyone is so hyped up about this. It’s only saving grace wasn’t even worth the effort of sitting through the 24 minutes of mind-numbingly bad garbage.

    I’m sorry. I really, really wanted to like this show and its characters due to the fact that the figures looked awesome and it was so hyped up, but, wow…

  49. Actually (and rather sadly), Kugimiya Rie’s voice is dead-on for the character. Melona (because calling her “Melons” was just too obvious) is actually not even human, but a shapeshifting slime creature that can take on any form she wants. Personality-wise, she’s ruthless, sadistic, and has a massive fetish for cuteness in any form. That’s right, she could be a fire-breathing dragon if she wanted to be, but what she REALLY wants to be is the world’s cutest pink bunny-girl assassin. Who shoots acid and explosive liquids from her tits.

    Of course, this also means she isn’t actually dead yet. She hasn’t had a chance to demonstrate her shape-shifting powers yet. It might take her a while to pull herself together, but she’ll be back, and more obnoxiously cutesy than ever before.

  50. This is The Best Anime this season! I have to say this to irritate you, Omni. Maybe i really mean it. Ralax, don`t take everything so damn seriously, aren`t we all watching anime for fun, no to get some ridiculous & prestigious acclaim for our immaculate taste, eh?

  51. This show is based on a line of models you can undress based on a series of books designed to show you the girls in compromising positions. This show delivers exactly what it promises.

    This show was pretty sweet. I’m really happy with it and quite excited,
    and my fiance agrees with that.

  52. This is a really terrible series. It is also one of those terrible series that is vaguely watchable, only if to see how much more wrong it can get. I suspect, depending on length, I may stay on and watch it for some time.

    Also, the best way to watch this series is not to take it seriously. It’s to do an MST3K on it.

  53. For plot, I’d give it one more eppy before passing judgment. I’ve never really seen any Anime/Manga that have a strong start. So far I’d say that it has the POTENTIAL to be a pretty good story, with tons of fanservice (note: fanservice is a understatement)

    On the surface, animation is great, though I too noticed the terrible talking animations (CHARRRRGGEEE, I can totally talk without moving my mouth!) Maybe a bit too much “bouncing” though (Read: DOAX2).

    Fetishes and titties…that’s what the show was designed around. So it’s “working as intended” here.

    Long story short, I might follow this in my spare time if I’m really frackin bored.

  54. Ignoring the fanservice (quite easy to do if you aren’t prepubescent or jaded to porn) the first episode of Queen’s Blade isn’t bad – it’s just utterly mundane:

    Main character wants freedom from restrictive lifestyle (life on a moisture farm, minor noble engaged to important, greasy noble, etc.), tries to run away, gets dragged/sent back (by old friend, family member, bounty hunter, etc.), survives attack on home (by storm troopers, demonic army, greasy nobles, etc.), resumes journey for freedom (and possibly revenge). About the only thing different in this formula is that the main character’s family /doesn’t/ get wiped out and the attacking force is killed off almost immediately.

    Judging on its merits Queen’s Blade has solid voice acting, good and consistent artwork. decent enough animation (animations during fights are weak but then again Berserk and Saiyuki had the same flaws), and – ending credits aside – an unmemorable soundtrack. Can’t really judge the plot until after the series is over, since any title can start strong and still wind up a trite, convoluted mess.

    tl;dr: not impressive, not terrible either. Watch for boobs.

  55. I agree with Otaku. Sure it’s not Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, etc. But people watch shit like this for some reason.

    The plot is rehashed:

    Girl isn’t content with typical conventional life.

    Girl goes on journey to escape said life.


    But meshed with the fanservice and the actresses, something about this odd
    dish just tastes right. You wouldn’t say “try this it’s the best thing you’ll
    ever have…”

    It’s over the top but it’s not retarded like Jungle de Ikkou or something like

  56. I laughed so many times during the first episode that I think this might be a comedy. Exploding boobs? How can that not be funny? A horribly written show, but I will watch, for Kugimiya (favorite voice actress) if for nothing else. (Maybe her character’s boobs will go down in size now that they’ve exploded. I doubt it.)

  57. Geez I give 10 reasons why to watch QB

    10. Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9): Thursdays at 08:00 &Airtime in U.S. (EDT, GMT-4): Wednesdays at 19:00 yea few or some till it’s sub.
    9. it only 12eps now but matter of time till more eps/sequal/spinoff/ova/etc.
    8. who need male characters where nearly all the characters are females.
    7. what other anime can ya find with shooting doobi, explodeing doobi, characters “wet” themselves, etc???
    6. hey this got a who’s who of female seiyu in it.
    5. they might throw in all kinds of fan-fantasy-dream-etc whatever service.
    4. do i’ve to mention to imagine who’s who female seiyu’s other characters would look like in QB’s outfits (flying konata/haruhi, Egypt version of mikuru, shrine maiden outfit for yakumo/masane, & hey we another version of saber in leina).
    3. get 911 just in case ya get heart & brain while watching it. least there not yet a true live action version of QB.
    1. no matter what happen we anime fans wins!!!

  58. Well then, I gotta say, the only way to wrap up this package would be to have used horrible english voice overs…you know for the complete crap-fest experience.

    Meh, I struggled watching just one episode, and the ‘queen’s blade’ tournament(?) just screams Sekirei to me. Definitely won’t be watching it again anytime soon, but I just watched Asura Cryin’ and that’s probably going to be one of the few shows I watch this season.

    On a side note, is there a new…Bandai show(?)…you know Gundam/Code Geass-ish. Something to fill that slot that’s 25 episodes?

  59. it’s pretty obvious what japan wants you to do with this show: shut up and enjoy the tits. i mean let’s be honest, nobody’s ACTUALLY paying attention to the plot anyway so there’s no point in trying to come up with any semblance of a decent storyline, just get these busty chicks as naked as possible as often as possible and everyone roll around and enjoy the eye candy. seriously, would you rather see an eroge-turned-anime that focuses solely on baring tits or one that tries to take itself too seriously and gives you maybe one titty shot per episode? i prefer the former, which is exactly what queen’s blade does. why that automatically makes it a shitty show i will never understand.

    diet otaku
  60. Ohhhhhh my lorddddddd BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS FIRING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hair with live squishing boObs oh my god i can`t think in anything more than bOobs after watching xD this what a piece of crap……………

  61. OMG! They so should have taken it even further and made this a hentai!


    They could have dragged the whole lesbo-erotic thing even further, and there would be even more “boob weapons’. oh yeah.


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