-In Sakura’s memories, she had returned to her castle under the guard of Chaos. He had been visiting from a neighboring country and asked Sakura if she had gone to another country before. She told him that she hadn’t, though she really wanted to go somewhere far. Chaos had thought that she would surely be able to once she grew up. She then suggested that he go help her convince her brother to let her travel. He had agreed, but he also thought that doing just that would be irresponsible, so he promised to accompany her on her travels to protect her. She had caught him off-guard with a hug, but he returned the feelings with a smile.
-Sakura wakes up from her dream and Mokona fills her in on what’s going on.
-Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fye are fighting against the creatures that have them surrounded. However, suddenly a fog develops and the creatures disappear. The group becomes separated and each faces a different opponent. Syaoran finds himself up against Seishirou, Fye is against Ashura-ou, and Kurogane faces his own father. Though initially surprised, they all instinctively know that their opponents are not the real things.
-Chaos takes Sakura to a miniature replica of Clow Country, which Chaos claims to have made in commemoration of his visit there. Sakura realizes that this confirms that he is the same Chaos from her memories. Chaos tells her that she’s grown up and become beautiful.
-Kurogane and Syaoran continue to fight fake Kurogane’s father and fake Seishirou, but Ashura-out suddenly disappears and Fye finds himself fighting…himself.
-Chaos asks if Sakura remembers his promise. She does, so he suggests that he’ll go with her now on her travels to find feathers in place of Syaoran and the others. When Mokona objects for Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane, Chaos says that those three are originally people who had no connections with Sakura and they have their own paths to live. He wants to start a journey with her, but after thinking about it, Sakura turns him down. Realizing that this way won’t work, Chaos recalls the three puppets he has fighting Syaoran and company. Mokona tries to get Sakura to run away, but it’s too late – she gets trapped by him.
-Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane chase the returning puppets back to Chaos, who explains the promise he made with Sakura. But since Sakura wouldn’t go with him, he’s decided to show her how powerless Syaoran and company are through fighting.
-Chaos spawns more of his monsters, which the three guys fight. Kurogane goes up against Chaos himself, but Chaos is able to handle all of his swings. When Kurogane decides to use his special Hama Ryuu-ou Jin attack, Chaos emerges unscathed. With his own special move, Chaos defeats Kurogane and then faces Fye, who is able to dodge that same move. He detects that Fye has a strong magic, but he also says that an unused power is the same as not having a power at all. Chaos stops Fye in place by simply raising his hand, and then knocks out Fye with an explosion.
-With his allies down, Syaoran is left to face Chaos alone.


-I have to wonder if this anime arc is taking story liberties or if they’re actually consulting with CLAMP here. In particular I’m referring to Fye’s fight against Ashura-ou. I didn’t expect them do anything that might effect the manga storyline, so I was surprised to see Ashura-ou there. But then what was really confusing was that he turned into Fye. Perhaps this is a clue to why Fye is running away from him or maybe it’s just an easy way to keep Ashura-ou from impacting the overall story at this anime original point by showing his real character.
-I guess I was wrong about this arc not being the final one. It now appears that Chaos will be around until the end of this second season.


  1. Sigh. Of course. Fai and Kurogane get their asses beaten by this stupid random-green haired dude. And then Syaoran’s going to magically be able to beat him. Because he’s that UBERCOOL!!11

  2. I watched this episode the second Saiyaman uploaded it and I’m pulling my hair out, waiting for the summary by our wonderful RC.

    I admit, Fai looks tempting, laying there – I want to pull his head into my lap and stroke his hair until he wakes up and gazes up at me with those mysterious blue eyes of his. Sigh…

  3. They’re gonna finish this season with THIS filler story? THIS?!! I’m not saying it’s bad, but the Tokyo arc would be the best choice-but 3 more eps to go, I’d hate a cliffhanger..

  4. WTH?! 2nd to last picture!…Syaoran uses his right to to look at sakura….and yet he’s blind in that eye!

    Xing Huo….what’s she doing there? and why is she wearing the eye glass thing that FWr wears?

    WTF? Hien broken in the next episode?!

    WTH? Kurogane uses hama-ryuu-jin and it doesn’t effect Chaos?! And chaos defeats fay in one hand gesture?!

    this arc is getting interesting but also a bit crap o____O;

  5. Its just pure crap… i think ill stick with manga for awhile…till they get to the manga storyline…man, these fillers are kinda lame….About fai, u know….that he Show Spoiler ▼

    and now this Chaos guy just beats him up…
    Also…We havent even been introduced into Fai’s past yet… and now they just show up Ashura and Fai fighting?…I was pretty pissed off, how they destroyed the Library Arc Ending(its like, thank you for stealing the book…)…dunno where they are taking anime with this…but i still hope, that the “Nuclear Saiyoran” arc will end with next episode and we go to Acid Tokyo, since….Show Spoiler ▼

    P.s. is it just me or the fight in the ends reminds a bit of classic Super shonnen fight scenes we have all over the world…. (*cough*bleach*cough*dbz*cough)…

    P.Sx2. … Xing Xuo…. What the Fuck she is doing in here….

    P.Sx3…I REALLY hope they wont make the last episodes of this season into something like… “Fixing the Broken Sword”… I REALLY hope they wont do this…

  6. Fai looks good with a spear… but I am not sure if Clamp would give him that. And with how quickly Kurogane and Fai were defeated, it feels too rushed and most unsatisfying. This kind of remind me of the movie where Kurogane and Fai were just brushed aside. And as Yumemi mentioned, Syaoran right-eyeing Sakura is a blatant mistake…

    Overall, the plotline for this arc so far is a bit sub-parred. If speculation is true about this arc lasting until the end of the season, then they aren’t doing a very good job on introducing Chaos as a character. In particular, they dragged it a bit too long at the first 1/3 of the episode about Sakura’s memories… and thanks to Yuko’s cryptic message from last episode, I still don’t know if those memories are real or not. The only redeeming plot factor so far is Fai Wong Reed has yet to play his hand.

    Xing Huo’s eye piece allow Fei Fong Reed to see what’s going on… which helps speculate that either Reed or the real Syaoran will help out the clone at some point against Chaos. Afterall, Reed wants the clone to collect the feathers, and not have other meddle with his plans.

    If I have to guess, chaos still have a real feather stashed somewhere as his power source, that’s why he is currently so powerful.

  7. I wonder who will save Sakura?
    I myself is hopping for Yuko to save the day, cause she show up last ep. But there seem to be also a chance that they 2 evil person that watch TV all day is going to do something that will ruin Chaos plan too.

  8. Isn’t Chaos the guy in the tube way back in episode 1 with Fei Fong Reed and his assistant woman ? Sure looks like him, I could be wrong though. Cause when I saw the green haired guy I almost mistaken him for Syaoran for a second. Saw they had different hair styles and figured it wasn’t him.


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