Addressing the Syaoran who appeared in front of her, Yuuko questions why Xing Huo sent him. After Syaoran quotes what Xing Huo had said about putting an end to the dream, Yuuko asks for his wish, so Syaoran asks to be sent to where his right eye is. Since Yuuko has already received payment for him in the form of his relationship, freedom, and time, she grants his request. She warns him first that this is all she can do and that everything ahead is beyond her control, but Syaoran remains determined to get his eye back. Yuuko ends up successfully sending Syaoran away, and afterwards, she remembers how the last thing Clow Reed said to her was the ending-the-dream line. Back in the world of Tokyo, the group has returned from the hunt for the giant worm, and Mokona suddenly detects a feather underground. The others try to stop him because only people who have permission can go down there, but Syaoran begs them. Kamui is meanwhile already underground and finds that the water is glowing, so he dives in and discovers an unconscious Sakura absorbing a feather inside the pod that is sitting in the middle of the water. As she does though, the protective barrier around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building disappears.

Kamui realizes that the power that was in the water went into the pod and disappeared, but he doesn’t understand why a certain person is still asleep. He looks as if he’s going to attack Sakura, but Syaoran suddenly jumps into the water and gets in Kamui’s way. Feeling that Syaoran is interfering, Kamui attacks him. Kamui refers to Syaoran as bait, and after repeatedly cutting Syaoran, Kamui licks his bloody hand and suggests that someone named Subaru will awaken if he drinks all of Syaoran’s blood. This reminds Syaoran of the vampire twins that Seishirou had told him about, and when Kamui realizes that Syaoran knows Seishirou, he vows to kill them both. After seemingly knocking Syaoran out with another deep cut, Kamui puts his hand into the pod and lets Syaoran’s blood seep into it. Unfortunately for him, Syaoran gets back up and starts striking back with a new ferocity because he wants to get all the feathers and doesn’t want anyone touching Sakura. Kamui recognizes that Syaoran has changed, and the two start fighting again.

By now, the others have grown uneasy about what’s going on inside the water, and Fay decides to dive in. To his shock, when he gets down there, he finds Syaoran grabbing a wounded Kamui. However, Kamui frees himself and heals via the blood in the water. Kamui thinks that Syaoran belongs to Fay or to that hunter, but Fay claims that Syaoran is really a good kid. Across dimensions though, both Yuuko and Fei Wong suddenly sense that the seal on Syaoran’s right eye has been broken. As Fei Wong Reed explains, this Syaoran is a clone created from the real Syaoran who is a descendant of Clow Reed, all for the sake of collecting feathers. However, the real Syaoran had given his right eye to the clone and, in doing so, had copied his heart over. Unable to remove the eye without destroying the clone, Fei Wong Reed had decided to send him to Clow country anyway since the clone’s purpose was still to collect feathers. Everything that had happened after that was according to Fei Wong Reed’s plan, but Yuuko got in his way. As for the real Syaoran, his magic had been halved without his left eye, and so he waited until he could break free of the imprisonment tattoo that Fei Wong Reed had put on him.

Fei Wong Reed’s magic was powerful since he was also a descendant of Clow, and Yuuko couldn’t directly interfere against him, so she was waiting for the real Syaoran to awaken. Now that the seal has broken off the clone’s right eye though, Yuuko knows that the heart that Syaoran gave the clone will return to him. Back in Tokyo, Kamui has figured a lot of this out by himself, including how the clone’s heart was given to him by someone. As the magic from the clone’s right eye starts to disappear, Kamui senses someone coming from another world. Fay knows that it’s the other Syaoran, but he feels that the clone’s heart belongs to the clone because it was created by him, Sakura, and the people who loved him. Not wanting the clone to lose his heart, Fay tries to use his own magic on the seal, but the seal nevertheless shatters. The clone then kicks Fay and decides that he needs Fay’s eyes since they are the source of Fay’s magic. Kurogane meanwhile watches as Sakura suddenly disappears from his arms, and he arrives underground in time to see the water disappear and the clone emerge.

The clone is eating one of Fay’s eyes, but before he can eat the other one, Kurogane stops him. The clone responds by kicking Kurogane, however Kurogane doesn’t give up and throws the clone against a wall. Kurogane senses that this isn’t the Syaoran that he knows, but the clone only cares about getting back the feathers and attacks with his newly acquired magic abilities. Realizing what the clone had done, Kurogane is furious because Fay had changed himself for the sake of Syaoran and Sakura. The clone is unresponsive by this, but what does get his attention is the sudden appearance of the real Syaoran. As the two Syaorans stare each other down, Sakura suddenly wakes up after having dreamed about all of the important people in her life, including Syaoran who was the most precious to her. She watches as half of Syaoran’s heart, in the physical form of a yin yang sphere, flies from the clone to the real Syaoran, and the real Syaoran explains that Fay had tried to return it to the clone. However, once the seal was broken, there was no way to return it to the clone, and Fay had known this, yet he tried anyway.

The real Syaoran had been watching all this time through the clone’s right eye, and he tries to make a plea that it wasn’t his own heart that had considered Sakura the most important – it was the clone’s heart. The clone is unmoved by this though, and he attacks the real Syaoran. Watching the two match each other blow for blow, Kurogane calls for Mokona to spit out a sword, but before it can reach Kurogane, the clones uses his magic to grab it. After taking a blast of fire from the Hien, the real Syaoran reveals that back when he gave up half his heart, he had believed that the clone’s own heart would be born and grow. However, if the clone was still without a heart when the seal broke, the real Syaoran had swore to eliminate him. The real Syaoran then forms his own sword and fires off a massive lightning attack. This sends the clone flying backwards, and the real Syaoran uses the chance to finish him off, but he’s stopped by Sakura yelling for him not to kill Syaoran. The clone, however, takes advantage of the situation and stabs the real Syaoran in the leg.

With the real Syaoran now incapacitated, the clone approaches the pod and cuts it open. He also cuts the cocoon next to Sakura and finds the feather inside. After forcefully returning this to Sakura, the clone vows to get back all the feathers. Since there are no more in this world though, the clone feels that there is no need to remain here, and he is ready to leave for the next world. Sakura tries to stop him, but he shakes off her hand and then disappears through a portal created by Fei Wong Reed. Shortly after Sakura faints, someone emerges from the cocoon and holds her in his arms. This person is Subaru, the other vampire, and he apologizes to Sakura for waking her at the most painful time. Kamui is glad that Subaru is awake and wants to leave this world immediately, but Subaru asks his brother to wait. Kurogane meanwhile approaches the real Syaoran and asks about the crest that’s on his clothes. Without hesitation, the real Syaoran reveals that it’s the crest of the person who murdered Kurogane’s mother.


Once again, I really can’t say enough about how good a job Production I.G did on this. The quality was amazing, the action was amazing – even after having seen how good the first episode was, I continue to be impressed. Admittedly, none of the fights stood out quite like they did in the first episode, but a lot of my reaction has to do with how I can still remember the worst parts of Bee Train’s production. Regardless, I’m not exaggerating when I say that this was exciting to watch. This is a really good part of the story, and I’m glad that it’s getting such good production treatment.

Content-wise, this second episode covered approximately eight and a half chapters of the manga, from chapter 116 to halfway through chapter 124, and nothing major appeared to have been changed or cut out. Syaoran even ate Fay’s eye in all its bloody glory (well, it wasn’t that gory a scene, but that’s probably not something that would have made it into a Saturday evening television broadcast). There’s still a decent amount of material left until the end of the Tokyo arc though, and I’m not entirely confident that they can get through it all in the final episode without having to cut some stuff. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if they decided to include everything and just make the last one extra long. Anyway, I can’t wait to see Sakura finally in action, and the 3rd DVD is due out on March 17th, 2008.



    well that practically sums up everything. Loved the fight and Cloney looked badass in this one. For once they have CORRECTLY used “A song of storm and Fire” and i am quite impressed with VA acting.

    As for eye eating – well, what makes it gross is that sound on how he is chewing it and slurping.

    Unknown Voice
  2. Holy freakin’ crap. That episode looks INTENSE. =OOOO And it seems to have covered all the best chapter beautifully~ =o= It’d be so awesome if Production I.G. would just continue on with the whole series. They have done SOOO much better than BeeTrain could ever do. (for the majority at least. =/)

    A Person
  3. @redshift

    i think you have to watch the entire 1st season and about half of the 2nd season up to the point where they arrive at the city full of books then watch this OVA…i think…

  4. AHHHHHHHH! I’m going overseas on thursday and my net is back to dialup. The sub better come out by say Tuesday at the latest otherwise I’ll have to wait til 20th of Feb to see it!
    Shinsen-suns were pretty quick with the last one tho. I think what I really need to worry about is getting ghost hound.
    CLANNAD is running now XD


  5. OMG I was practically shouting when he tried to eat his eye!! A very very excellent episode. I also love the additional scenes not in the manga like Show Spoiler ▼

    the fight is soo coooll!! But I think they toned it down a little or we’ll see Fay moping the floor..

  6. Man….this episode was INTENSE. The fight between the two Syaoransw was AWESOME. The best part was when “A Song Of Storm And Fire” started playing, and Syaoran summoned his sword and did his “Raitei Shourai” attack form Card Captor Sakura (upgraded of course). This is 100000000000 better then that piece of crap, boring, filler full, anime series. The director of those series should shoot himself

  7. Great episode 😀
    I thought Yui Makino did great as Sakura towards the end, although she got a bit squeaky with “syaoran-kun wo kurosanaide!”, lol.
    And poor Mokona was just reduced to “Fai! Kurogane! Syaoran! Sakura! Kurogane! Syaoran! Fai!” etc.

  8. @dnial the parts you mention are in the manga too. chapter 119 pp. 14-17 for the first one, and chapter 124 p. 6 for the second one.

    The OVA fixes a continuity problem in the manga, however:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The OVA introduces a small continuity problem too: Before Clone!Syaoran cuts open Subaro’s cocoon, they have a shot of Sakura’s asking him to stop, but the cocoon already looks slashed.

    Finally, one small quip: With all the blood and eye-eating in the OVA, I don’t understand why when Sakura holds Clone!Syaoran’s bloody hand before he leaves, her hands don’t get blood on them. In the manga, they do.

    I loved the OVA. The more I watch the OVAs, the madder I get at Bee Train.

  9. @R
    u’re rite;I totally forgot about the chibi syaoran and it’s there-he’s sooo CCS Syaoran but the hesitation on the clone’s part is not there-or maybe the anime does it better

    oh, i thought maybe the blood on his hands had dried that’s why she doesn’t have it on hers

  10. So for those who’ve read the manga past this, one tiny spoiler if you may. Am I right in thinking that Sakura will still be all stuck on cloneSyaoran? Or will she get over it and accept the real one?

  11. OMG this was such an amazing episode… but it is also confusing, the shaoran that loved sakura was a fake? so then the new syaoran doesn’t love her?? I read the manga but it is still confusing to me.

  12. yah i dont reaali understnad too cuz didnt the fake shaoron;s heart return to the real one…so why she told him to leave he hestitated…so that that mean he loves her or the new shaoron loves her>!! lol smae here the manga makes no sense to me

  13. @dnial

    You’re right! The hesitation is much less pronounced in the manga.


    It’s complicated. Show Spoiler ▼

    The story gets a lot more plot twists and this makes it confusing at times. The gore and extreme misery continue.

  14. FlameStrike at 12:33 am on January 20th, 2008
    Well, since the bad guys goal was to get Syaoran to get feathers, and the giveing of the heart failed to make clone syaoran good, then wasn’t it completly useless?

    Not exactly, if you read the last 3 chapters of the manga.

    Also, this is just the start of hell. As my Japanese Economy professor said “BIG Shawcks Occur”. Shock 1 is now, Shock 2 happens at the end of the next arc, Shock 3 is happening now in the manga. Note, Shock 2 and 3 are way worse than 1. Also, there are two mini-shocks in the Fai arc and the Kurogane arc.

  15. @Gp
    Lets just say Show Spoiler ▼

    Unknown Voice
  16. Wow this really was an awesome OVA. Can’t wait for the next one where Sakura takes the lead 🙂

    BTW does anyone know what happens after the third episode is released? Will they go back and carry on making a crappy third series? Or will they go for releasing an OVA every 2-3 months? I hope it’s the latter!

  17. this is a bit mess up cause the real syaoran rip his left eye but then put it into the right eye of the fake syaoran, then for some reason it becomes the right eye of the real syaoran. a bit confusing???

  18. I think what pt meant was that the eye that the real Syaron used was HIS left eye, which became the Clone’s right one. But Syaoron said “take me to my right eye”. Er.. actually, he still has that one. Don’t worry, pt, I got a bit confused by that too!
    Maybe it’s some weird thing in the Japanese language that’s like.. if you’re talking about your own eyes, you swap the directions around?? Like how somebody else’s mother has a different word to your own mother.

  19. I have to agree this was the best tsubasa chronicles I ever saw, but on the other hand isn’t this suppose to be a kid-friendly show if this episode is any indication of the theme of the third season then I don’t see anyway possible for it to be a kid-friendly show anymore.

  20. Hey, awesome episode. Great animation and story. Tsubasa Chronicle keep’s me in ecstasy 😀

    Anyways I was thinking about reading the manga (scanslations), but I can’t find any websites that offer it’s manga, other than Narutofan or Bleachexile. Anyone know any good websites?

  21. gonna wait for subs :/

    but looks sooooo good…i’m glad the eye part is in there cause i really freakin hate c!syaoran…

    but after the latest chapter of the manga i feel little to no interest in this part of the plot.

    it use to seem really important and stuff but now clamp has totally thrown everything off of course XD

  22. OMG!!! So sad!!!! I watched it a dozen times, and practiaclly burst into tears every single time! -cries just thinking about it-
    to answer qwertypoiuy’s question, Fei Wong made the copy, Syaoran tried to stop it, but couldn’t and so gave him a heart in a last attempt. Fei Wong’s goal is kinda unknown at this point (unless you’ve read the manga, and then you’d know he wants to revive a dead person- it’s unknown who)

  23. I had given up on the series from such a mediocre and slow second season with no major plot developments whatever – and then this came and I read all the manga up until chapter 180 – I am re-obsessed! FINALLY it’s getting interesting.

  24. Wow that was Incredible !! I just hope the sales of the OVA’s reflect the excitement of the posts i see regarding these Ovas on the internet. CAUSE we need MORE OVA’s for the next ARCS ! !

  25. man i can’t wait until fye becomes a vampire that gonna be soooo kewl
    haha Sakura is gonna fight sum snakes and these 2 ppl save her. i think itz the vampire twins i can’t remba but Syaoran is Clows descend and sakura is a clone…lol man i was shock when i was readin it ….

  26. FYI, this Tokyo arc revolves a country – Tokyo where Kamui and Fuuma with other 7 – which was supposed to be “Tokyo”. In another words, another project/anime – X-1999 (whatever you call) from Clamp. As you can see, the characters are very similar to each other but take a look closer, it’s different from Code Geass ^^

  27. this ep. so sad….
    syaoran become evil…
    fai become vampire…
    kurogane become ‘E’…
    sakura unhappy…
    and syaoron….
    feel pretty bad…

  28. Oh man. When I first read this in the manga, I saw so confused. I was all ‘what? Two of them? HOW???’…And then I realized that the clone was basically like a robot after the real one got his heart back….

    I’m so happy they made these chapters into anime! =D The fights were hard to follow in the manga, especially ones involving Kamui….I can’t wait for the next episode!!

  29. Oh, and the animation was amazing. And I loved how they used the song ‘of wind and fire’ for the part where that fight scene…sorry for babbling, but it’s been well over a year since I’ve watched this series, and this one is way better than the Tsubasa Reservoir anime series.

  30. Hey. I have one problem, the scene when the real Syaoran breaks free from Fei Wong tattoo,
    just what is the title of background music?
    Thanks a lot for any help here…


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