-As Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane get slammed into some rocks by the force of the bird’s wings, Sakura finds herself in an alternate space. Not caring about collateral damage to the town or the castle, the bird starts firing balls of energy at Syaoran. Mokona thinks that Chaos is willing to do anything to defeat Syaoran, but it has very lonely feelings.
-Syaoran wants Fye and Kurogane to save the frozen Sakura while he acts as a decoy. That doesn’t quite work out because Fei Wong Reed’s troops block off Sakura’s frozen body. In addition, Fei Wong Reed has the other Syaoran open its eye, causing the real Syaoran to freeze and start glowing.
-In the alternate space, Sakura’s shadow turns into Chaos, and he asks her to help him. He knows that with the way things are going, he’ll hurt a lot of people, including those precious to her. He shows her his true form, and she is then been able to break free of the ice. Doing this gets rid of the black troops and releases Syaoran because the other Syaoran closes his eye again.
– Sakura reveals that she got out because Chaos lent her his strength. Because of this, she asks Syaoran to help Chaos.
-Watching the battle from a distance, Kurogane suddenly notices that the Touya and Yukito of this world are running towards them. Those two are the swordsmiths that Kurogane asked to repair Syaoran’s sword, and they’ve done just that. Kurogane brings it to Syaoran, allowing him to dual-wield Souhi and Hien.
-Syaoran powers up the two swords and forms them into one larger sword, capable of batting back the bird’s energy blasts. He swings the sword at the bird, but stops just short of cutting its neck. It cries a tear and then changes back into a winged Chaos, who concedes defeat.
-After the battle, Sakura hugs Chaos and tells the others that Chaos is herself. The true form he had shown her earlier had been a sphere of her feathers. Kurogane and Fye hypothesize that Chaos wanted Sakura because of the feathers’ memories. Chaos makes sure Syaoran is going to return all of Sakura’s feathers, and then thanks Sakura before he disappears into a cloud of sparkles and feathers.
-Kurogane had thought that their journey would end, but Mokona knows that there are still many more feathers – Fye and Mokona both want to continue the journey. Syaoran vows to Sakura that someday all the feathers will be recovered.
-Sakura regains a memory of her brother and Yukito not letting her go alone on a journey when she was younger. Sakura wasn’t alone though, and had looked behind her to someone, but no one is standing there in the memory.
-Syaoran and company arrive at the next world, continuing their journey.

Well that was about what I had expected from the ending, even if things didn’t quite go as I had predicted. The overall episode was decent, on about the same level as the rest of this arc has been. Chaos didn’t really turn out to be evil, and Syaoran got some cool fighting moments when he’s dual-wielding Souhi and Hien. I kind of wish that they had involved Fei Wong Reed and company more, but since they probably couldn’t go too far because this is anime-original material. The same goes for the other Syaoran opening the eye and closing it again. We’ll have to wait a bit longer…

Final Thoughts: This second block of episodes certainly had its ups and downs. What surprised me a little was that my favorite episodes – the ChiXFye one and the super-deformed one – came from anime-original ones. It just goes to show that they’re not all mediocre.
Assuming NTV follows their current schedule of Tsubasa reruns, episode 53 should premiere on May 12th, 2007. Hopefully the third series will be better overall. There’s some very good story coming, but we’ll have to wait until next year for the journey to continue.


  1. I don’t speak English, therefore I use a translator, from where my level of language. I wondered just, how much seasons one was going to have, one will begin the third…. at when the end

  2. I thought it was the end of it all, especially with the “goaisatsu” at the end, and the “wallpaper-like” ending (where everybody was running off to somewhere smiling), and every character having a piece to say. Would there really be a third season? I sure hope so. I would definitely love to see the Tokyo arc in the anime…

  3. I really don´t think we will EVER see another season!!
    The chibi characters at the end say that this is the ending of the series and they also thank us for watching the whole show!! T_T ( IT SUCKS REALLY BAD MAN!) they ended the series with a fucking filer T_T (NHK you suck!!!If you don´t have the money to hold such a series like this, from the start, don´t take it!!) sorry if i am wrong but I really think this is the real point here!!

  4. Where can we get the manga? It’s almost close to impossible to get the manga without subcribing to some stupid site where it costs like $400 (ridiculous). Anyone know where to get Tsubasa Chronicle manga for free just like bleach and naruto?

  5. As for seasons, Clamp already has anounced at the begining of series, that there will be alteast three anime seasons, although manga may go longer than that…As for me, i got really disapointed with second season adaptation…its not enough that they ruined the library arc ending, but they now butchered off Fai’s and Kuro’s power(am i wrong, or they were just getting thrown there and there in the last episodes?), i hope they will follow the Acid Tokyo arc and wont butcher it up with some kawai-chimera concept, like they done with Library… As for manga downloads – there are many scanlators doing tsubasa manga, for now there are 130 chapters, as for releases, i know , that “Believe Manga” are scanlating tsubasa, and as far as i seen, “Be With you scans” have also released volume packs, best place to begin search, of course is they have, i think all chapters from nr1 to nr 133

    P.S. i REALLY hope the third season will follow manga -__-, if no – i think i’ll stick with manga only, somehow forgeting that this anime exists

  6. Although CLAMP has announced that there will be at least three seasons, that was when they had somewhat power over the anime. But since the beginning of the second season, CLAMP had no say in it whatsoever. That’s why the second season was a bunch of poorly written fillers, with crappy drawn characters. Beetrain has failed. Period. If there is another season 3, CLAMP should seriously take part of it, or else it would be better if Beetrain gave up on trying to write Tsubasa better than the ladies of CLAMP.

  7. what the heck was that!! I think clamp is trying to delay the whole concept of the original story!! I hate it too!! I agree with fai-san –> (i think i’ll stick with manga only, somehow forgeting that this anime exists)


  9. if theres going to be third series…with current creators…i quess they will buthcer Acid tokyo ALOT…clamp really shoulda find someone better to hand over tsubasa anime creation…(my wish woulda be recreating from begining, without beetrain fillers or edits…what a dreamer i am eh?)
    Well some fillers were ok, but i really got anoyed with the fillers after library arc and the changes made to this arc itself…(i nearly fell off the chair when that lil chimera shown up…)… as if it will be Beetrain(nooo….) who will create third series… i quess they will begin it with ~15 eps of fillers and then butchered up acid tokyo arc…

    P.S. btw…
    bleach anyone? 😀

  10. @ tensai_otaku
    I dont see Third season happening with current releasers (BeeTrain), and IF it were…it woulda suck REALLY much -__- .
    I think it woulda be pretty cool if, after the end of manga, Clamp and someone(NOT and NOT! beetrain), would release something like, 24ep Ova or anime series, completely following manga…It would be sad if such a good thing would be left unanimated…without fillers n edits.

  11. @ fai-san

    I agree but it got me angry to see that happening,I mean this season for me was just to explain kurogane´s past(which I do LOVED!!) and that filers ending the show with also the character thanking us and ending the series got me even more angry!!!T_T

    But I love this series and if some day in some time in some universe…..if they make another season DON´T LET NHK, I MEAN ONLY NHK, BROADCAST IT!!!
    IT´S ALMOST LIKE A HOMELESS TELEVISION(just kidding here ok because how can a homeless watch tv if they don´t have a home 😀 )THAT NHK !!THEY BROADCAST TO ALL JAPANESE PLACES AND CAN´T AFFORD TO COMPLETE PUT THE SERIES ON AIR!!
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…ok…ok…1…2…3.(breath, breath)…..10…relax…
    Ok I agree with you and that´s what i think about 😉

  12. we going to suffer a lot waiting for the next season?!! why couldnt they produce as fast as possible. I mean the season 3!! But I believed that in the manga, syaoran and friends didn’t the most of sakura’s feathers rite?? they tried to make the story more logically through collecting huge amounts of feathers in season 2 and then jump straight away into season three to face those vampires in Acid tokyo…wow!! am I right??!! lolz 🙂

  13. Bee-Train can up sticks and die for all I care. Couln’t animate CLAMP properly If it was payday.

    You see Madhouse’s work on death note? Takes the manga and does something good with it.

    You see BeeTrain? They just made .hack//Clamp, which is NOT Tsubassa in any damn shape or form.
    Also NHK can suck it for cuting out the drunk Sakura gags, funniest gags in the whole series.

    Masked Bandit
  14. Oh my god, Tsubasa Reservoir Anime is really screwed up, compared to xxxHolic anime and its manga counterpart. I wonder if Ohkawa even be pleased with the quality of the anime… I’m glad I havent watched since the 44th ep!

  15. I like this show really much yet when is htis going to end? Having to wait jsut stirrs in my blood. Besides I bet that everybody is thinking about this question, will Sakura ever regain her relation ship with Syaoran?

  16. everyone!! clamp is suck! come on! I can’t believed too but I don’t have any other choice but to say “Suck”!!. Next year, clamp better comes out with greater anime or else….I will watch other anime. why xxxholic and tsubasa is connected?? I think Fei wong Reed overtake the entire worlds and even the modern Japan where watanuki originally came from was affected.

  17. I have a qusetion…
    you said that”episode 53 should premiere on May 12th, 2007.”

    Is that true?

    Because…I’ve hread rumors about tsubasa chronicle won’t be one (I mean there wii not 3rd season…)

    I hope it just a rumors! Because I love tsubasa very much!
    I won’t tsubasa be end like that!

    Thank you at all~

    to find tsubasa
  18. I really like the tsubasa chronicle but for the season 2 I don have the last episide…Can anybody help me to search for it????TQ… But for the 3 season have to wait until next year may very sad lah…The story is very nice….I like all of them…Hope thenew season can release soon…N can anyone tell me where to get the comic at in English in Malaysia..??? Do anyone know the place and please let me know….TQ 🙂

  19. actually it woulda be best if they just stop doing anime not… they are just…butchering the original storyline…

    1. They took out all alchohol.( thus taking out drunk sakura scenes (one of the MOST funny things in tsubasa manga) from worlds)
    2. they completelly took out bunnyman island arc…although i dont see what was wrong with it…
    3. They butchered kurogane’s memory world.
    4. they completely butchered the library arc with that cute chimera and you saved us stuff…yea riite…. the country is saved because someone stole the book…stupid.
    5. They made Ashura-ou a female…
    6. they changed the storyline of Outo country abit….ABIT….
    7. they included the most disguisting bishonen-wannabe, Chaos…
    8. OMG lets not kill teh bird with my new Inuyasha sword, cause hes crying…awwww….:

  20. Why episode 52? TRC season 2 is now available in the market so no need to download bunch of pirated anime. Buying the Video is easier than download…save time. Good in quality as well. I wonder, is there any copyright in the internet for those who upload these anime>>??

    For Mokona…ja = { can anyone tell me where to get the comic at in English in Malaysia..??? Do anyone know the place and please let me know }

    I’m from Malaysia too. About the comic with english language will be hard to find because it only available in Chinese language if I’m not mistaken. And also in BM under many magazines especially for comic fans. You have to order it or make a recommendation to the publisher in order to get it. That’s it. BYE BYE (0.0)

  21. Apparently the Syaoran in the tube is the real Syaoran and the one who runs around with Sakura and the gang is a clone but here’s the catch… the real Syaoran gave half of his heart to the clone so he could have the ability to feel.

  22. No matter how many times I watch it, I still don’t understand the last episode of season 2. Did Sakura get back the feathers that was once Chaos or did everyone just stand there gawking at the feathers while they floated away? o_O

  23. hm? I’v heard dat der’s no 3rd season. hu9x. T_T some1!!! please tell me dat der’s a 3rd season!!! CLAMP can’t just let me feel sad bcoz of thinking 2 much about Tsubasa Chronicle! huhuhu… btw, if der’s a 3rd season, it must be held on dis April, rite?! Oh!!! Hope so! Hope so! I hope der’s a 3rd season!!! CLAMP!!! NHK!!! I’m really looking forward to d 3rd season!!!

  24. its finally april the month we’ve all been waiting for, i hope it comes out or else imma be pissed cuz i been dying to see it and they cant just end it after going so far but i have a feeling they aren’t gunna make another one but i really hope they do in fact they better or else imma find um T_T cant wait for 3rd season pray it comes out=D.

  25. Hey, i havn’t seen the anime of Tsubasa reservoir chronicle, however i have almost finished reading th e manga (comic) whixh pretty much seems exactly the same. Can anyone tell me if Syoran and Sakura kiss??? (in this anime) because i cnt find anywhere where it says they do… GRRR they better kiss at some point!!!!

  26. @Sakura
    no its not the same…thing is that they deformed many character looks in anime(in bad way), took out many phrases from characters, all the bloody stuff and so on. they even got as far as to change how story goes in some places…(the library arc goes entirely diferent and so on)
    As for question – it woulda be….hard…kinda….for Sayoran and Sakura to kiss….very hard….like….impossible…for the reasons you are about to read 😀

    It havent and it wont – original authors of Tsubasa ReserVOIR Chronicles manga, has cut off their contract with animation studio who did first two tsubasa seasons, because they were unhappy on how it was animated andhow animators changed everything…so yea…for now and for infinite amount of time – Tsubasa Chronicle anime is finished/onhold_forever…

    NO THere IS NO THIRD SEASON… CLAMP was in no way involved in the creation of anime itself. CLAMP Created the manga called “tsubasa ReserVOIR Chronicles” and later made a contract with animation studio for them to make anime out of comic…but since animators and producers got almost 90% of stuff wrong and screwed a big time, CLAMP has cut off the contract with them and tsubasa is ENDED/ON_HOLD_FOR_INFINITE_AMOUNT_OF_TIME

    …Although CLAMP havent stoped creating manga, it comes out weekly and yo can easily find the scanlations(kinda comic itself scaned and translated) in the internet….

  27. Oh and all characters said at the end of 52 “good bye, but our adventures wil continue”
    that means, anime is ended, but the storyline will still continue in manga ;]

  28. I wish they had lots of seasons…like 7 …then at the last 2 seasons they would have like this really cool ending of the seasons…with out filler episodes…as long as it dosent end like inuyasha “we are gonna keep searching for the naraku and get all the shekon no tami shards” then in tsubasa “we will keep searching for the feathers and get back sakuras memories” now that would be lazy…(how dare you stab sakura fay)well cant wait for season 3 =

  29. ohhh..thanks for the info AloneinVoid! I noticed they distorted the story in the anime a lot!!!Perpahs CLAMP should have considered the consequences of doing such…I’m soo sad that there’s no season 3…huhuhu…Oh well, gotta keep reading the manga then…

  30. Yoo guys!!! i hope 3ed season is the last one! i mean to wait 1 year for the next season is a little bit hard i guess!

    and i hope the 3rd season is the last one!!

    i read they want to upload the 3rd season in the middle of may 2007 (13th)!!

    i hope its the true to wait until the next episode that is unbelivable ;D

    i hope they do it!!

  31. I Wov this anime but it’s toooo long. I hope there won’t be more than three seasons. I saw in some AMV that Sakura’s memories of Syaoran will be repleased with some other’t (bad)gay.

  32. THIS BLOWS, I have been awaiting the arival of season 3 since 2 ended and was all looking forward to May because that was when it was suposed to start up again but NOOOO the world has to be Retarded and make me want to kill someone because season 3 deosn’t and will not exist. I HATE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. THANK YOU Alonein Void, cause seriously, if I didn’t read that I’d just keep on waiting for the 3rd season.

    >.> sigh, so tsubasa did a fruits baskets thing? aw well, I think I’ll start reading the manga then.

    Anyone know, roughly around what volume/chapter I should start at so that nothing new has been introdouced, but nothing old is repeated? thanks~

    Sweet Indulgence
  34. Wow… I just finished watching this anime and so help me God, I put up with so many stupid episodes, all in hope of a “Evil VS Good” Syaoran match up to end it but no… He opened his eye, once, that’s all we get of the best character in the whole show… Figures… I mean come on, Evil Syaoran is the coolest character in the whole Clamp line up, no denying it. So it seems only logical to have the top two coolest charaters battle off. After all, what’s the only thing better than Syaoran? An evil more badass Syaoran. There had better be a season 3 and had there better be a “Syaoran VS Syaoran” match or someones going to lose an eye…

    Fye Li
  35. SInce this anime is very good, they would make a new season but is not very certain cause people keep saying there not a TRC and others say there is going to be, to what I know there was never a certain date to which the show was going to come at, so there is still hope for this show and by the ratings of this show there are very high only I wish some could get the apropiate email for CLAMP and ask if Tsubasa will be airing or not, so I would’nt worry that much for TRC fans, it migh come out in a different month. I loved this show a lot mainly because of the evil Syoran and if Sakura gets her true memories, I dont want to read the Mandgas ME WANT THE SHOW.

  36. So there contracts are bad don’t be stupid :S this is what they say at the end of episode 52

    “So this is ‘the end’ for tsubasa chronicle”
    “Thank you so much for your support”
    “Our journey still continues, but its goodbye to all of you for now”
    “you guys better keep looking foward and living happily!”

    so therefore meaning goodbye for now and look foward for a season 3, even with the contract buisness it does not mean there is not a season 3 so don’t worry CLAMP will make one to follow the mangas they just need to sort some things out so keep your hopes up ^^

  37. I agree with you, since this was a hit anime it has to go on, and all those rumors that they said of Beetrain seperating and etc, I think is a bunch of bull since there wasnt an announcement that said the show was cancelled, It would had said something on the official websites, so it doesnt matter Im still loooking forward to it even if it takes a year I will check.

  38. Well you right on that but when you put things together you might see this is a good show so there is still hope for this anime to be airing anytime soon, hopefully theu give an official announcement.

  39. IF YOU READ THIS THE SEASON IS GOING TO BE SPOIL AS IM GOING TO REVEAL A SAD FACT about SYaron, the one that is in the tank is actually the real Syaron and the protagonist is a clone of syaron meaning the protagonist is the antogonist, and fai became a vampire by Kurogane having him turn into a vampire by yuuku, sorry but if you read this please post a comment.

  40. @patrick
    more like they will make an ova out of current arcs in manga

    I couldnt find anything good in second season – actually before reading manga, i thought this anime will be a screw-up of the year. thanks god manga is way better. And btw – petition is pointless lol…there is no way they would air the contents of tokyo arc on tv 😀

    as for your spoiler – that arc was the main factor why anime would screw up – mean, they took out all the blood and violence up till now, so imagine tokyo arc without any of things you mentioned…

    and of course the Infinity arc had lots of blood and Fai’s past is INDEED impossible to be animated on tv( would you show Yui puting corpses near the tower as a ladder to his brother?…seriously…)

  41. men stfu this is a very good anime and i want to see 3seson i dont care how many season it take but i want to see syoran and sakura kissing that sure they will make 3season they cant leave the funs like that damn.

  42. @Ramon
    Oh they havent left – as i said, manga still continues, and they will realease thre ova’s(first one comming in November this year). It will cover the manga chapters after Library arc(and the proper end of Library arc too).
    And no – sakura and sayo wont likely be kissing each other. As of what happening currently, i really doubt it will happen anytime in future lol…the best case scenario is that atleast one of main cast will survive…
    About kissing again – this storyline is not about “love”, its more like about “despair”, “going against destiny” and “angst” stuff.

  43. I was just reading that a 3 Episode OVA will be coming out in 2008.. Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations. Tokyo Revelations will cover events from the Tokyo arc of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Manga. 😀 Can’t wait!

  44. oh man.. how far away will the 3rd season be?? it should kick ass !! that 2nd season ending didn’t really do it for me.. but dayum that chaos guy got me voting for sayouri more LOL!! until i knew who he was. haha

    ETA on the 3rd season?

  45. ETA on 3rd season: Never

    The anme was cancelled by original mangaka, CLAMP, as they were horribly unsatistiffied on how Beetrain Animations handled this adaptation. the fans were already hoping for such a turn of events, as Beetrain Animations drastically changed the original storyline, and destroyed the personalities of characters.

    Good News?
    Three “Tsubasa: RESERVOIR CHronicle – The Tokyo Revelations” OAD(Original Anime DVD) coming soon. The first one is set to hit the stores in JP on November 16, together with “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle” manga volume 21.

    Unknown Voice
  46. ZZZZ…it just never ends and she never gets her memories back, at least in CCS Sakura got all the cards after 2 seasons and we moved onto something else! I’m going to stop watching….someone please e-mail me and let me know when the series is done with. Here’s my e-mail:
    Thank you!

  47. wow, I’m the first to post a comment this year!!! YAY! But to whoever reads this next, does anybody know if they definately are going to make a third season? I men they can’t end it just like that…it would be stupid.

    Oh, and Syaoran is much hotter than Chaos, but Fye is better than both!!!

    maaya sakamoto :)
  48. grr…i soo want the 3rd season to come now!!!!…this is painful having to wait for it. i really want to see how it ends. plus i want syaoran and sakura to kiss at least once!!!

    Stephanie luvs Tsubasa
  49. There must be season 3. If not, how can explain the “other” Syaoran that was damn frequently show in the anime? I’m quite unsatisfied with the anime adaptation since it was suppose to be the shonen type, it should have more action like Naruto or Bleach. The manga was great though…even though I don’t really have time to read it coz…well it is better to watch 30 minutes anime rather than reading about an hour…for 1 chapter,(including the loading time in online manga reader). But the last episode is really forgivable, even though supposedly at the Rekord country, Tsubasa travellers (meaning Syaoran and others) meet Kamui, and explain about Seishirou existence and whatsoever…That Chaos guy is way better than Syaoran(even though I’m S+S fan) and I hope if the Chaos character is coming either on anime or manga next time, I’m really hope Sakura choose him over Syaoran. Even so, Ganbatte-neh CLAMP and good luck to Syaoran for finding all the feathers. Lastly, ~Mokona Modoki O DOKI-DOKI!!~

    TRC Fanatic
  50. Thanks for the pictures. xP I love the anime and the manga, and I had heard about the anime having a third series, but I wasn’t aware that it was CLAMP that didn’t want it shown…I had to admit, at the end of the second series they were going on a bit of a tangent. 0.o There’s so much good stuff that happens in the manga, and I’d be very disappointed if they didn’t include it. Especially with syaoran. :3

  51. The story in the manga asn’t finished yet. I’ve read all the way to chapter 170 which is in volume 23 which wont come out until next year. So, Clamp’s probably waiting for more books to come out to continue the anime after Tokyo Revelation. Plus, Tomyo’s older sister in chapter 170 even said their jurney is far from over. That plus the time for Clamp to make or find people to produce better anime then those guys they saced and work on it will take years. Tsubasa is still a work in progress and is far from over. I think Clamp may half maid a mistake by making an anime so early when this is their longest runing work ever. On top of everything, they half another series called XXX holic which interthwines with Tsubasa. So, they half to make a finished anime and manga for each because surtain events in one story affects the other. eg: When Fay gave his staff to Yuko, she was playing baseball in the parck and then used the staff as a cleaning tool. And half you ever thaught were they got that magic ball which they through at the castle to break its barrier?
    It was actully a bunch of spirits that the black mokona sucked up into his mouth and formed a ball with them.

  52. Um, sorry to say, but there’s no third season (because Beeline or whatever thaat company’s called claimed that it was “too violent”). Instead, there’s going to be three OVAs, and the first one came out a few weeks ago . . .

    the first one is “The Magician’s Message”
    the second one is “The Boy’s Right Eye” (comes out in January 2008)
    the third one is “The Dream that the Princess Had” (or something like that) and it comes out in March 2008

    I hate Beeline sooooo much *goes away and comes back with a machine gun*

  53. heh… Betrain screwed up the anime. There is no season 3. if you want to know about the FWR part and everything then read the manga. But i will warn you that it is supper depressing… oh well =Þ

  54. Yes. The season is done.~ They finally fnished it! It was satisfying.~ The REAL second season starts with another anime called tsubasa tokyo revelations, :)~ The manga is now finished as well and it is satisfying.~ ^_^


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