-Syaoran directs a flame attack at Chaos, but Chaos avoids it. Chaos locks blades with Syaoran, explaining that he loves Sakura and causing cracks start to form on Syaoran’s sword. When Syaoran uses another fire attack, Chaos sucks it in and then uses an attack that combines his own ability with Syaoran’s fire. That is enough to break Syaoran’s blade and keep him down.
-Chaos releases Sakura, but she refuses to go with him. He reaches his hand out to hers and triggers something that causes Sakura’s eyes to go dead. Mokona tries to warn Sakura, but Chaos throws Mokona off. He spreads his wings, which are made of numerous real feathers, and opens a portal so that he and Sakura can travel through the dimensions. However, seeing that Sakura is crying with her lifeless eyes, Chaos decides not to enter the portal with her and instead flies her back to his castle. He knows that if her heart hasn’t changed, then there’s no meaning to traveling together.
-Mokona gets help for Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane in the form of the couple who they originally encountered when they arrived at this world.
-Syaoran wakes up only after he has a vision of drifting in a sea next to that someone who looks just like him, except wearing black and having an eye patch.
-With Sakura gone and his sword broken, Syaoran wanders off to think. Knowing that this is about more than victory or defeat, Fye follows him and asks him tells him that for this once, he should think about himself instead of about Sakura. Fye suggests that the most important thing is whether or not Syaoran needs Sakura.
-Staring from the balcony in Chaos’ castle, Sakura looks out into the distance thinking of Syaoran. At the same time, Syaoran is looking at the castle from far away, recalling his memories with her on this journey.
-Fye brews a medicine and secretly whistles some of his magic into it.
-Kurogane contacts Yuuko and requests that he borrow Ginryuu for Syaoran’s sake. Yuuko thinks that Kurogane should trust and believe, and doesn’t lend him the sword.
-Syaoran decides to go out to see Sakura not for her sake, but for himself. Fye then gives him a jar of the magic medicine, and Kurogane hands over his current sword. Mokona says that Kurogane is entrusting his sword to Syaoran because he believes in him.


-When they had their swords together, Syaoran should have just kicked Chaos. Either he would have hit Chaos or Chaos would have avoided it, but either way Syaoran would have relieved pressure of his own sword.
-Is Chaos the giant bird that was traveling through the dimensions at the beginning of this arc? He does have those wings that made Mokona’s feather radar go crazy.
-I’m a bit surprised that Fye used his magic again and that Kurogane would bow his head to Yuuko. I guess that just shows how important this is to them.
-The recap of Syaoran and Sakura’s memories had me a bit uneasy. I was afraid it was going to go for the remaining four and a half minutes of the episode but thankfully it only lasted 45 seconds. At least it featured an insert song – if there’s one thing that this series has stayed fairly consistent on, it’s the soundtrack. Kudos to Kajiura Yuki.
-Two more episodes left! Next week is face-off number two between Syaoran and Chaos.


  1. ok WTF?! I need a summary for this…..obviously first part is syaoran vs chaos…then 2nd picture chaos’s sword is in the ground…then 3rd he’s using it to fight syaoran o___O;
    Syaoran’s hair looks odd in 4th picture….Xing huo poping out and watching o___O;
    WTF?! Chaos growing wings?! Fake feathers….a vortex?! and sakura is leaving with Chaos?! Ohhh she looks a bit brain-washed o___O;
    Ok weird….Tube Syaoran and Our syaoran….weird o____O; and Tube smiling with our syaoran? what;s going on here?! Isn’t tube meant to be….a bad guy or something? (yeh i’ve read the manga don’t worry about informing me)
    9th row 1st picture….who’s that guy with mokona….it looks like brown-haired chaos? =s
    I’m guessing Fay uses magic to boil the potion whatever that potion is used for…Awwww cute mokona kissing kurogane!

    OMG! Preview for episode 51! More chaos in Memory….Hopefully final battle between Chaos and Syaoran But I think it’ll lend into episode 52…sorta like a DBZ episode…and a black feather..the real sakura no hane? (feather of sakura for those non-japanese readers)

    Yuuko contacting…I’m guessing it’s to fix Hien…Omg! Kurogane lending Souhi! Interesting!
    Potion ready…Given to syaoran…not sure what it does….probably immune to Chaos’s magic…

  2. “Jeannette” you are right!!!!! T_T
    this whole ” kurogane and Fye been beaten up by a loser caracter….just to wake up the shaoran dark side….and stuff!!!” and worse….sakura doesn´t do anything at all to change the situation like saying -> ” keep dreaming i´ll never be your NAKAMA!!” T_T
    OHHH come on please, i now this filer is a lot better than the bleach and the narutarded files!!!But kurogane…..and even…….FYE…THAT FYE!!!been beaten up!!
    Give me a break on the least on this anime please.well I really think they(creators)can do better than this 😆

  3. Chaos is the same guy in the tube(Syaoran’s clone ??) with Fei Fong Reed right?? Sure looks like him.. Maybe I’m way off though lol


    If Chaos is indeed the guy in the Tube then he has more of a love claim over Sakura then Syaoran does as he was forcefully taken from his love.

  4. Bah damnit, man I gotta stop reading the wiki entries on Tsubasa Chronicles. If they are true then I know who tube Syaoran is and the Syaoran with sakura is … Ohwell would like to see how it goes in season 3!!!

  5. ok this is alittle offtopic here but here goes..

    I heard there are the Magic Knight Rayearth Guardians in this anime. Either im blind or I missed them entirely. Can anyone tell me what episode they appeared in if anyone remembers them ?

  6. Well since I dont see a forum to openly talk about this show. I’m going to give a comment on a thing I clearing missed lmao.

    The rune gods from Magic Knight Rayearth.

    I never noticed the Kudans from the first world they visit is from MKR. I was like whoa cool refrence. They are drawn pretty much exactly the same with small descrepencies..

    Syaoran = Rayearth
    Kurogane = Selece
    Fye = Windam

    Found out there was also a Miyuki Character that appears in all the major worlds with a bread product in her mouth from Miyuki in Wonderland. Guess I need to rewatch the series over again to catch her cameo appearances =).

  7. Another thing I noticed.

    The I-1’s Red beast way back in episode 25 is infact the combined rune god Rayearth from the Magic Knight Rayearth OVA. Hikaru’s mashin rayearth was renamed to Lexus to avoid confusion i take it.

    Anyone have a idea of [manga Spoiler ahead]
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. wow this arc is seriously out of CLAMP’s Control o___O;

    @ ctjanus: there’s no mention of “that guy” in the manga, FWR just open the portal and off “that guy” went while leaving our other person crying TT___TT

    @ julius: I think the black feather may be the real feather of sakura and the black stuff must be ermmmm……something like the hijutsu ord thing to contain the feather…sorry ok I think it must be something so only Chaos can access the feather’s power…

  9. Does anybody know the name of the song played near the end? It sounds like it would be by Yui Makino (the seiyu for Sakura), but its not on the soundtrack and i can’t seem to find any info about it anywhere (i think the person above may have asked as well, but it wasn’t even readable). Thanks in advance.

  10. Same here, I would love to know too…and yeah, it does sound like Yui Makino, doesn’t it? It’s not on any of the TC Soundscape albums at all; it’s not on Yui Makino’s website…I’ve Googled it, I’ve looked at YouTube comments, it’s very frustrating. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit to find out.

  11. Found it! The song at the end is called “Tsuki no Shijima” by Yui Makino! It’s going to be released in December as “NHK Animation Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection”; I wish I knew the English title of it; I had to search under “Yui Makino” under YouTube. ^_^


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