At breakfast, Mariya is excited because today is the first day that she’ll be working to recommend Mizuho for the Elder role. For Mizuho to become Elder, he needs 75% of the student body’s votes. As Mariya, Kana, and Yukari start spreading the word throughout the school, Mizuho gets uncomfortable with all the Elder talk. However, it’s obvious to Shion that despite being a boy, there’s no mistake that Mizuho is worthy of being the Elder. Mizuho is still worried about Takako, and by chance, the student council president is in the same elective world history class as him. After formally introducing themselves to each other, the two start talking while the teacher is lecturing. Their cordial conversation includes Takako asking why Mizuho is taking world history, and Mizuho answering that it’s because he thought looked interesting. At the end of class, Takako makes it clear that she doesn’t like the rumors spreading around and she won’t let Mizuho become Elder.
After the votes are tallied and the students all gather in the auditorium, Hisako-sensei gets up on stage to announce the results: with 82% of the vote, this year’s Elder Sister is Class A’s Miyanokouji Mizuho. However, as soon as Mizuho gets on stage, Takako does too. She takes control of the microphone and announces that her objection to this Elder selection. Takako is not so much objecting to Mizuho assuming the Elder role, but rather the process by which the girls elected him. The student council president reminds everyone that this isn’t a not a popularity contest – they are supposed to be electing someone to succeed the school’s tradition. Takako asks everyone to reconsider, but then a voice from the audience stops her. Takako is the most shocked out of everyone that Shion was the one who spoke up. Shion tells everyone that the qualifications to become Elder aren’t complex. The driving forces are student recommendations and aspirations, and the truth remains that Mizuho got tremendous support. Everyone loves Shion’s impassioned speech, but soon afterwards, as she is giving the microphone back to Takako, she collapses. Mizuho acts quickly and leaps off the stage with Shion in his arms, rushing her out of the auditorium.
When Shion eventually wakes up in the infirmary, she finds Mizuho watching over her. Claiming that she’s ok, Shion urges Mizuho to go back to the auditorium, telling him that she feels he is truly the one who should be the Elder. Upon her return, all the girls in the auditorium surround her with admiration for what he did, and Kana even compares him to Prince Charming. Hisako-sensei agrees that all that matters is that Mizuho was chosen by everyone, just like Shion said. Watching from onstage, Takako accepts this as the will of all the students, but she also thinks of Mizuho as a mysterious person. By the next morning, everyone greets Mizuho on his way to school, and Shion even waits for him outside. Thus, Mizuho’s days as Elder begin…

This episode wasn’t quite as amusing as the first two, though I attribute that mostly to the lack of pseudo-yuri. I guess you could count all the girls squealing for Mizuho as a light form of pseudo-yuri (or just admiration). And if there was any doubt, Shion standing up for Mizuho and Mizuho returning the favor by rushing Shion to the infirmary would seem to put us further down the ShionXMizuho path. Something with Shion’s health will probably complicate things in the future though. Anyway, they advanced the story a lot faster than I thought they would, and Mizuho is the Elder Sister by the end of the episode. It’s probably better that they didn’t put off the election as the climax point at the end of the series like Strawberry Panic. I don’t know where they’re going to go with the story now, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want more comedic/yuri episodes – those are just more fun.


  1. WTF!!???
    what could you possibly do in a situation like this guys!!!
    I want you opinion…tell me…what would you do in a school full of cute girls waiting to be baptized by the holy dick grail????
    ” PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS ” -> not like my Question of course 😀

  2. Looks to possibly be a Mizuho/Shion pairing at the end. I mean Mizuho was a guy and said “looks like fun’ not including the changing room bit in episode 2. She didn’t even care he saw her in bra and panties. Shion is defintely a keeper in my book.

  3. I’d get the fuck out before I get arrested for assault…fun as it all sounds the jail term isn’t worth it…besides I’m strictly into monogamy…

    I’m wondering if this has to do with inheritance? Mizuho does seem to live in *big* house. 😛

  4. It appears the girls are enchanted both by Mizuho’s grace in rescuing a competitor, but also her upper body strength…. in other words, strength AND compassion.

    Yup – it’s like a yuri ‘win/win’ situation. 😉

  5. Gil at 8:38 pm on October 21st, 2006
    I don’t think there’s any relationship between Mizuho and Shion.

    If you watched ep.2, you should know why.

    why? i think theres a good chance

  6. Listen everybody I GOT IT!!! 😀
    I know WHY we have SOOOOOO MANY YURI ANIMES…The answer is simple:
    Question: Why do anime producers like to make yuri animes ALL THE TIME???
    Answer: Because they like to put only the (women) seiyuu together so they can score sometimes while working on the job place TOO!!!!! 😀

  7. #
    Skullbie at 11:07 pm on October 21st, 2006

    If your a guy and can actually pass off as a pretty girl, i doubt you REALLY care about whats under the bra- Has he even pervertedly looked at the girls yet? 0o
    Yep, gym class that one day, and something else i forgot, but he shook his head and told himself to stop thinking about such perverted things.

  8. @ skullbie

    Yes, he tryed to take a peek at the girls changing when his childhood friend(forgot her name) said not too(He was even blushing). Then his childhood friend and Shion started to fondle his fake breasts lmao. look at episode 2 again at the changing room part.

  9. I don’t know if what Shion’s been doing has all been an act. Like the sudden collapse & stuff. Maybe she’s the evil one!!!

    Like in the ED, Shion’s faaar away from Mizuho(like when most of them were sitting on the grass while Shion, Takako & ghost were standing behind them).

  10. @otaku_tensai
    there aren’t that much yuri shows. there was stopani, simoun, yamibou, marimite (yuri? relevent to my intrests), kannazuki no miko and kashimashi (is it yuri? i mean.. she used to be a man, though i never watched it) and now otome wa trap. which is nothing, compared to the number of romantic comedies (or any other genre, for that matter).

    i totally agree. just watched the episode, and i was lacking my (now) weekly coctail of (not)yuri and SD character. it wasn’t as good as ep1-2.

  11. “h3R0” -> I agree with you -> by the HOLY DICK GRAIL shall these girls be cast out of virginity!!! -> SAID THE POPE!! 😀

    “Kurigiri ” -> yes you are definatly right and I agree with that…but after this show how can you tell us that we won´t have an entire (baseball,football..etc) league turning out to be crossdressers just to create a new style on the japanese animation???After all, thanks to the after “sister princess” complex we can have today the ” oniichan fuck me!!” complex!! or ” Oniichan I am not your imouto…fuck me anyway!! ” complex too 😀

    ” si gila ” -> tell us the truth buddy…er…”something dude”…your alredy one of the team right??? 😀 😀

  12. Here is my theory.

    Mizuho is told in his grandpa’s will to atend the all girls school right. Maybe his grandpa owns the school and in order for his grandson to take it over needs to atend there for a full year. thats my theory on it, I could be wrong though. Sofar I havn’t seen what appears to be a dean or principle at that school yet, so thats why I’m thinking his grandpa might of owned it prior to his death.

  13. “ctjanus ” -> you are right my friend just like Saint Luminous Girls High School
    (聖ルミナス女学院)-> “Surrounded by hills and seas on all sides, St. Luminous Mission High School is a girls’ school characterized by its liberal school spirit. One day two high school boys appeared to the school. They are Kaihei Kijima, who came to St. Luminous in accordance with his grandfather’s will, and his friend Ryuzo Tanami. Not being a positive person in nature, Kaihei ended up, in the course of nature, to take on the post of the Director of St. Luminous, according to his grandfather’s will. For his first job as the Director of school, Kaihei was asked to search for a girl student who had disappeared a few days ago. But he was so surprised to see the girl’s photo, which was given to him by Sister Akane. He had witnessed the girl named Merina Scaphisi only a few hours ago in the forest on his way to St. Luminous.” except by the fact that he doesn´t need to crossdresser to “OWN” the girls hearts……and the school of course 😀

  14. @ctjanus, don’t try to read much into it. it’s not a deep story we’ve got here, it’s mere fun and laughs.
    a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs but, ONLY fun and laughs. and yuri.

  15. I believe the goal of this anime is for Mariya and everyone else to convince Mizuho to get a sex change by the end of this series :).
    Another thing I felt is Mariya must be very poor when she was little, and she couldn’t afford a barbie doll or something, thats why shes having so much fun playing dress up with Mizuho :).

  16. uhh i also wonder
    hmm from the looks this anime is based on the H-game by the same name also….
    any1 playing it ATM please dont spoil lols…. ohh well… further research might ruin people’s lives and i repeat this is not a yuri anime but a cross dress one… got to admit… mizuho really looks like a girl
    PS: to check out my link… copy it and paste it on the adress bar….

  17. I’m still angered over the lack of balls these people in Japan have.

    “Let’s take some (un)popular visual novel and turn into into regular anime so traditional fans (i.e. horny guys) can watch it on TV or cable.”

    There IS NO HOLY DICK GRAIL. Please remove your collective minds from the collective gutter and enjoy it for what it is. In fact, you guys should DEMAND for a sex-filled adult anime version of this.

    Pathetic. -_-;

  18. Tyrenol yep i agree with what you said though I myself have been playing yoake ATM next would be gift… then Da Capo II… lols well I’ll try my best to understand the game though

  19. Actually I was under the impression that this was a school where Mizuho’s mother attended, and Mizuho attending was almost a way for him to experience what his mother did. Doesn’t the headmistress comment on how much he looks like his mother? Either way, it amuses me to no end that he can engage in all this stuff that clearly lets out he is a guy (low hoop and practically dunking the ball, scooping up SHion and running), yet all it is to the underclassmen is a really cool oneesan being herself.

    Anyway, if I was running for public office, I would kill to have Mariya, Kana, and Yukari working on my campaign. Over eighty percent of the vote? Yikes. George Bush would kill for an approval rating like that.

    Yuri rocks

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