Short Summary:
Izumi and Mitsuki arrive at a beach resort for a photo shoot. They are followed there by Yoshitaka, Anna, and the Sawatari family. A certain female alligator (named Ellen) manages to catch Pochi’s eye. She belongs to a blonde named Alicia. By using Pochi, Yoshitaka and Alicia strike up a conversation. Alicia ends up joining everyone for lunch. There, she invites Yoshitaka and Pochi over for the evening. Izumi objects so Alicia invites her too. That night, as Yoshitaka and Pochi are ready to leave, the girls spring several traps to stop them, but are ultimately unsuccessful. They arrive at Alicia’s house only to find that Alicia is the dominatrix type. She outfits Izumi in similar garb and Izumi and Ellen have a field day with Yoshitaka and Pochi. Mitsuki arrives to remind Izumi that she has a debut event the next day. When the time comes, Izumi initially runs away, but she is caught by Yoshitaka and company. Alicia sends Izumi onto the stage in full dominatrix wear, but that scares away the crowd…which promptly returns when Pochi rips off Izumi’s clothes.

The anime combines the idol storyline with chapter 5 of the manga. I think it worked rather well as, with the exception of the stuff added in (the photo shoot, the debut event), everything was almost exactly like from the manga, just like it normally is. I watched a rather high quality version of this episode, so I don’t have any complaints about the animation quality (no excessive use of wierd shadows like last week either). In fact, the animation quality seemed pretty good, much better than in previous weeks. But again, that just may be because I had a high quality version. It just occured to me that each episode ending is slightly different (in terms of the intial pictures shown, they use characters from the episode). Gives it a more unique feel I guess.

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