Short Summary:
When we left off last week, Syaoran was facing off against the son of the Ryoshi while Fye and Kurogane faced Kiishimu. The villagers have also grown tired of the oppression and are attacking the castle. Syaoran takes some hits, but manages to kick the son against a pillar for a KO. Fye and Kurogane dual team Kiishimu. Kurogane lands a hit that shatters the jewel on her head. Kiishimu reaches up and kisses Kurogane, thanking him for releasing her from the Ryoshi’s control. Meanwhile, Sakura and Chun Hyang are out by the lake when Sakura starts to channel Chun Hyang’s mother’s spirit. She teaches Chun Hyang some hijitsu and then gives her a magic mirror before disappearing. A possessed Sorata shows up to capture them. Apparently the villagers who attacked were put under the Ryoshi’s spell. Syaoran enters the Ryoshi’s room only to find Sakura and Chun Hyang in a bubble on the ceiling. He confronts the Ryoshi, but is quickly surrounded by mind-controlled villagers.

So they added in the Chun Hyang stuff, but kept everything else pretty much the same. I was initially hesitant about the anime-only extension of Chun Hyang’s backstory, but now I think it’s good that she gets to be more fleashed out. It does make me wonder how they are going to keep Syaoran’s “solution” to the Ryoshi having captured Sakura and Chun Hyang consistant with the manga (if they do). It does, however, explain where the mirror came from (which I can’t for the life of me remember how they explained it in the manga, if they did). I’m really starting to like the music for this series, especially the bgm that played when Chun Hyang was saying goodbye to her mother. Next episode will be the conclusion of this arc, and if we’re lucky, the start of the next (though I doubt it).

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