Short Summary:
Things just aren’t the same without Mitsuki and Izumi around. Both Yoshitaka and Anna are pretty down about it, and Anna ends up leaving to find Izumi. Yoshitaka, all alone, slips and falls down two flights of stairs. Meanwhile, Izumi is getting ready for a concert, but is feeling rather tired. Anna shows up, but that doesn’t really raise Izumi’s spirits. Her performance is rather lackluster so Mitsuki tries to get Pochi to encourage her. Unfortunately, Pochi is also feeling depressed, even more so than Izumi. Instead, Mitsuki sends Anna onstage and ecchiness ensues, much to the crowd’s delight. Afterwords, Pochi reaches the breaking point and takes Mitsuki and Anna and starts running. Hearing their screams, Izumi and Seiichirou follow. Pochi runs all the way to Yoshitaka’s mansion only to find it under construction by the Sugita Group. He barges in anyway and everyone follows. They are stopped when a giant construction vehicle almost runs them over. A girl on a horse follows up. Seiichirou identifies her as Sugita Takami. She expresses an interest in Mitsuki and leaves Yoshitaka’s house alone. The episode ends with Izumi calling out Yoshitaka’s name.

Alright, so I really didn’t catch much of the end of the episode. Then again, this episode rather bored me so I didn’t try to understand all that much. I believe this is mostly original stuff to the anime, though I’m not sure if Sugita Takami comes in later in the manga. Anyway, there wasn’t anything particularly that stands out about this episode, though Seiichirou as a girl was amusing. After a few episode of good animation, this episode’s was once again poor; Seiichirou’s face was even crooked in one shot. Not sure how many more episodes we have left, so next week might be the last episode, especially since it’s called “これが私の御主人様!!” (He is My Master!!) I’ll reserve any judgements about the show on a whole until I see the last episode.

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