I wasn’t a very big fan of Yazawa Ai until a few days ago. Maestro piqued my interest when he mentioned that he had read the first chapter of Nana in Shojo Beat. I picked it up and really liked it because of the mature shoujo feel. The reason I had kept away from it before was because Yazawa Ai’s art style didn’t really suit my tastes at first glance. But after having read several volumes of Nana, I’ve gotten used to the art and even enjoy it now, including the gothy parts (which there isn’t a ton of in Nana). I’m now tempted to pick up Gokinjo Monogatari and Paradise Kiss (which are two of Yazawa Ai’s previous works), but we’ll see how I feel once I get a bit further into Nana.

Zettai Shounen will be blogged very very late tomorrow (errr, I guess that’s technically today already), if not Saturday, depending on when I get home and when I can get the episode. The reason is because I’m going to the Dear Friends: Music From Final Fantasy concert by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. I have front row seats (kind of), so I’m really excited. I’ll have a camera ready, so expect photos and a blog. ^_^

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