Out of random curiosity, I picked up this show off of a torrent on Tosho. Boy was I glad I did. The basic premise is similar to Iron Chef, you have some celebrities/idols (usually three) who are cooking a selected dish for a panel of judges, at least one of whom is a celebrity of the opposite sex. The show even features Yukio Hattori (of Iron Chef fame) as one of the expert judges.
What makes this show so addictive is that a good portion of the celebrities they feature can’t cook making it hilarious to see the judges reactions when they taste some of the food. At the end of the show, the celebrity judge ranks the cooks on a giant pyramid board, placing them relative to previous celebrities on the show. Sometimes, there’s someone so bad that they can’t even put them on the board (one singer’s placing was on the sewer drain outside of the studio).
As a side note, Ogura Yuko (she’s the idol who sings the ED to School Rumble) cannot cook. This is the girl who microwaved a live fish to death. I felt sorry for the fish -_-;;
For more information, visit this link.

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