Short Summary:
It’s the holidays, so the group decides to take a short trip. On the ferry, Mayama notices that Takemoto has been depressed lately and talks to him about it. After informing him of the situation (Hagu-chan, Morita, and the broach), Takemoto learns that Mayama always knew that he liked Hagu-chan. Mayama encourages Takemoto to take action and fight for Hagu-chan. The group arrives in a deserted area with a giant ferry wheel in the distance. They rush there and are about to separate into the girls and the guys for the ferris wheel, but Morita kicks Mayama and Yamada together. In their own gondola, Takemoto, Morita, and Hagu-chan are pretty silent until Morita decides to literally shake things up. After calming down, Morita apologizes, to which Takemoto laughs. Back on the ground, Takemoto wonders about the future and what Yamada and Mayama talked about.

Alright, so I wasn’t wrong in thinking that time passed really quickly (since we’ve had two Christmas episodes already); two years in 10 episodes. Makes me wonder how much time will have passed by the end of this series. The series has at least 16 episodes total (most likely the normal 26), since that’s how many are currently listed on the official site.
Anyway, this episode was very drama oriented, but I still got a few good laughs out of it. We continue the broach storyline as Takemoto still hasn’t done anything about it. Hagu-chan pretty much knows at this point who made it for her, but also hasn’t acted. The preview was pretty good at giving away next episode though. I’m feeling sorry for Hagu-chan already.
They did show quite a bit of flashback during the first half, but I can forgive them for that because there was an insert song. Speaking of which….
The insert song this episode was SpitzSakana (魚). This is a more recent song, from their 1999 album 99ep. You can find it at the usual place. A big thanks goes out to Dervish for providing me with the screencap of the raw so that I could find this song ahead of time.
Edit: Thanks to an anonymous someone who corrected me on the original ablum that Sakana was from.


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