Short Summary:
When we left off last week, Thoma was scaring the bejeezus out of Apollo by showing up in the cockpit. He takes Apollo and reminds him of the stuff they did long ago. When he finally releases his grip, Apollo can still only think of Baron. Thoma uses the Shadow Angel to throw Aquarion onto DEAVA’s shield. In response, HQ allows the shield to absorb Aquarion, separating it and the Shadow Angel. However, Thoma pulls out a cage with Baron in it. Apollo punches his way out of the shield, retrieves Baron, and goes back in. Unfortunately, the cage turns out to be a bomb and it explodes after Apollo frees Baron, incinerating him. Free to enter, Thoma pins down Aquarion in a crucifying sort of way. Apollo goes into a rage and manages to break free, but only after detaching Aquarion’s arms. After wailing on the Shadow Angel for a while, Apollo realizes that Thoma has gone into DEAVA. He goes after him and arrives just as Thoma is about to take the feather. Sirius and Silvia also arrive to challenge Thoma after Apollo is pushed back and tied down. They also fail, and everyone is binded down until Apollo bites his way free. Thoma shows Apollo that the bracelets Sirius and Silvia wear contain little Apollonius’ wing’s feathers. Then he starts to strangle Apollo. Meanwhile, Reika and Tsugumi have taken Apollo and Silvia’s places in Aquarion and Reika forms Aquarion Luna (a modified version). Using some very impressive moves, she defeats the Shadow Angel. At the last moment, Otoha ejects the head. The explosion pierces the room Thoman and Apollo are in, destroying the feather. Thoma isn’t too concerned and escapes with Otoha in the head. Later, Apollo gives Silvia the statue from before. She thanks him by punching him in the gut. Apollo is then reminded of the fact that Baron’s now dead, and runs off screaming.

Like BluWacky, I’m glad that the whole Baron thing is over. Now, instead, I have the whole Thoma x Apollo thing to worry about. The close up shot of Thoma’s lips just grossed me out.
This was a pretty good episode, all it was missing was an insert song (or maybe my expectations are too high). I’m glad that a group that doesn’t include Apollo can take on a Shadow Angel and win. Even more glad that it was led by Reika.
I’m not quite sure what to make of the essence of Apollonius’ wings thing, but we’ll see how it works out.
The preview for next episode did nothing except make me laugh (they pasted Jean-Jerome’s eye’s on Apollonius), so next episode is a mystery to me. We’ll see if they continue on with the good stuff or if we’re back to weekly monsters.

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