I assume this is the radio rip off of the Oh! My Radio program on J-Wave radio from yesterday. If you listen closely, you can hear them saying “the Wings of Words” at the 3:27 mark.
This is unlike previous GSD openings, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see the actual OP sequence. CHEMISTRY is a good group and I have full confidence that the GSD team can make this OP work well.

Edit a few hours later:There’s been a lot of discussion on whether this is the song or not, so I’m going to just say for now that this is the new OP. I shouldn’t have expressed doubt, especially now that I’ve listened to the song a few times and read the lyrics.


  1. Could i ask u where have u gotten the lyrics. i been looking for them but found nothing.
    and yep u r right. this song is the GSD OP4. and they do say “wings or words” at 3.27.


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