Short Summary:
It’s almost midterms time and the Gokujou Seitokai has a policy that all members must pass or resign from their positions. This puts Rino in quite a bind as she’s bad at studying (and pretty dumb in general). The group decides to help her study, but even with their talents, her improvement is marginal at best. Everyone can see Rino trying very hard, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Kaori, who has custody of Pucchan throughout this (to prevent him from doing the work for Rino), asks him what her problem is. Pucchan tells her that since her mother died, she’s been afraid of being alone and having to leave the council would do just that. Hearing this, Kaori organizes a party for Rino to raise her spirits. Apparently this works because when the test finally comes and goes, Rino emerges having just barely passed.

I didn’t have very high expectations for this episode from the preview, but I ended up liking it. The two main contributing factors were all the cute expressions they gave Rino, and Cyndi’s various engrish phrases. I find myself laughing everytime Cyndi opens her mouth. And what’s with her having problems with english?
Anyway, a decent episode, if a bit sappy towards the end. Next episode looks to be a Sayuri episode.

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