Short Summary:
Izumi’s still feeling pretty down when Mitsuki and Anna tell her that Yoshitaka is up. Visiting him in the hospital though, it seems he isn’t feeling much better than Izumi was. She slaps some sense into him and they go to take back his house. Takami is there waiting and still wants Mitsuki. Mitsuki decides (surprise surprise) to have a contest between her and Izumi to search through Yoshitaka’s safes for something. Takami chooses a giant golden safe, but that turns out to have Pochi’s prized belongings. Izumi chooses one that’s oozing of darkness, inside of which is a wedding dress. Of course Mitsuki has her try it on and she finds that it fits perfectly. Refusing to lose, Takami takes Mitsuki and the deed to the house. Izumi runs after her in the wedding dress and retrieves Mitsuki on the roof of the house. Later, gathered in the house, Izumi admits that Yoshitaka, the greedy idiot, is her master. Yoshitaka is very happy in his good ol’ evil way. Mitsuki reveals that this was all another game of hers. In the end, Seiichirou, Izumi’s parents, and Karin all show up for the final scene. As the ending song plays, we see Izumi planting a seed which later blossoms into a giant tree in Yoshitaka’s backyard (much to his dismay).

Well Gainax ended this series like they should: chock full of fanservice. Things came full circle as Izumi finally admits that Yoshitaka is her master. There were a couple of good laughs, especially during the wedding dress chase scene, but aside from that this was just more fanservice fun.

Final Thoughts: This series never really intended to be serious, so I treat it as a fanservice comedy. And for that, it did it pretty well. Nothing memorable, but if you’re looking for a maid fanservice show, this might be for you.

As a side note, I’ll be going from one harem series to the next. Amaenaideyo! airs Thursday nights at 9PM EDT starting tonight.


  1. Véritablement génial !!!! He is my Master est une série formidable par son originalité et son sens de l’humour sociétaire complétement décalé ! Gainax a réussi à faire un Ovni supplémentaire dans le monde du manga, le pari était osé car l’enjeu et les critiques étaient de taille. Ayant récemment regardé 3 fois de suite la série des 12 épisodes en entier en version japonaise sous-titrée par la Millenium Team, je vosu assure que He is my master est carrément incontournable pour tous ceux qui veulent en apprendre plus sur les moeurs et la philosophie des japonaise ! Ne manquez pas cette série ahurissante, les perso sont extra, l’intrigue est palpitante et l’humour omniprésent. De l’action à 500km/h et du fun partout ! Au final une excellente série !!! Bravo Gainax !

  2. i have a comment, but it’s more like a ? then a comment, is this really how the show ends, izumi plants a little tree and over, do like, i dont know, izumi and the main character get together or something or do they become good friends or something?

  3. I love this anime! my favoite character is Mitsuki! She’s 2 cute! I wish there were more episodes… i wasnt sure whether i was happy for seeing all episodes, or sad 4 not being able 2 see more… Mitsuki is great!

  4. Ahahaa…. I finished this about a week ago from this post. (I KNEW I heard this anime from somewhere… it was when I was skimming your blog! XD) Too bad there won’t be a second season, because this anime was a blast! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this in the shelves of the stores…

  5. Awwww. It ended so quick. I feel sad there wasn’t anymore than 12 episodes and there might not be more since it aired in 2005 and it is now 2008 with NO NEW EPISODES. I really liked it and wanted a season 2 or at least a episode that tells what happened to all of them.


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