Opening Sequence

Short Summary:
We’re introduced to Satonaka Ikko, resident priest surrounded by six girls. They take care of a lot of exorcism type jobs using ecchi as their weapon (ok, not quite, but I’ll get to that), as shown in the first sequence. Our hero Ikko is in training, but ends up doing a lot of the housework. Anyway, the basic premise of this first episode involves some toys that are possessed by spirits. Our girls are having trouble with them until Chitose (our female lead) decides that she has no choice but to take off her clothes. I bet you can see where this is going. In order to wake his power, Ikko apparently has to have a perverted reaction. So of course, he powers up and saves the day, exorcising the spirits with an incantation. Then he lunges pervert style at Chitose, who kicks some sense into him.

Ending Sequence

OP: あふれてゆくのはこの気持ち by あまえ隊っ!! (the Amae Girls)
ED: happy days by 中原麻衣 (Nakahara Mai, the voice of Chitose)
I really like the way the OP started. The rest of the song wasn’t too bad, I’ve just never been a huge fan of group songs (especially by the cast). It’s still early, so I can see it growing on me. Same goes for the ED, also a cute song. I do feel compelled to note that Nakahara Mai is also the seiyuu for Tokiha Mai of Mai-HiME, so that’s a plus.

Alright, we have here our typical harem ecchi series: several buxom girls and one male lead. And you know it’s ecchi when you have interstitials like this and this. The girls fit into the stereotypes so much (the very buxom one, the loli, the glasses girl, etc) that it’s not even funny. Or maybe it is. I laughed so very hard when Chitose started to take off her clothes because I knew what was coming, so I can’t exactly see myself taking this series seriously. Still, the artwork’s not bad and I can’t find myself hating a series like this. I couldn’t get over the grainy feeling from the raws I found though. Even with a high quality raw, it was still there, so maybe it was the telecast (AT-X isn’t exactly TV Tokyo I guess). I’ll keep watching this, but most likely blogging will be moved from raw to subbed, unless no one subs it in any good amount of time.

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