Quickie Summary:
Ikko is working the hardest out of everyone during the summer and finally decides to sneak out one night. Chitose decides to go with him after realizing that her life is rather boring. The two sing their hearts out at karaoke, then end up at a game center. They take a picture, and as they are about to leave, the goons inside stop them. Chitose ends up lecturing the group of them and in the process exorcises their spirits. In fact, the entire game center turns out to be an illusion. When they return home, Ikko’s grandmother delivers some painful punishment (but only to Ikko).

So I basically skipped over summarizing what happened during the first half because nothing really happened (though I probably missed something). But the second half wasn’t all that interesting either. Heck, there weren’t even many ecchi moments this episode. I’ll be dropping this series at this rate, but we’ll see how the next episode is. The only things really keeping me with this series are that A) it’s cute and ecchi (which may not be a good thing), B) Thursdays are relatively light, and C) I like the ED. I really shouldn’t expect much of next episode, except maybe more ecchi, because the preview shows a lot of pool scenes.
And what’s with the random dance/technoish music like during the episode previews? It really doesn’t fit the series. I’d personally like more of the ED style music


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