Quickie Summary:
Ayumu goes around town, talking to everyone about what’s going on, including his father, Asako-san, Ryousuke, and Miki (who ends up telling a story). During all this, Ayumu sees cloaked fairies flying around. Akira is staring at the water when Ayumu rides by, so she stops him and shows him the photo from before of the cat with the fairy reflected in its eyes. Ayumu sees Wakkun appear behind her, but when Akira turns around, she can’t see him. On her way home, Shione spots Ayumu on his bike and stops him. She tries to get a kiss out of him, but he backs away and rides away. Ayumu finds himself in the forest about to approach something hanging from the trees, but Miku pulls him back and stops him. Behind them, a blue fairy decloaks and starts to buzz around.

Please forgive the craptastic summary this time. Refer to Matthew’s blog for summary when he gets it up. For now, just enjoy the images. There was a ton of dialogue this episode and not much happening, until the end. The end was good because it featured screentime for my two favorite characters, Shione and Miku.
I kind of feel bad for Shione, cause she keeps getting rejected, but that’s what’s so fun about her character. She’s really approaching things the wrong way. And Miku is so incredibly cute when she’s walking down the road. Need more Miku cuteness! And Shione angst, heh…

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