Short Summary:
Pierre’s really out of it after he gets a letter from his sister saying that his old squeeze is getting married. He goes a bit crazy after a training session and gets locked up in a padded cell. A pair of Shadow Angels attack, and Apollo, Jun, and Silvia are sent out to stop it. The Shadow Angels can regenerate quickly, and defeat our group of three. However, every replacement DEAVA sends also gets knocked out. Pretty soon, they’re left with just Pierre. After a visit and speech from Fudo, Pierre jumps into the teleporter. He’s all fired up and kicks one of the two shadow angels into space, but it later lands and regenerates. Aquarion lands first, and Pierre notices that a truck is crushing Esperanza (his old girlfriend). He saves her, then defeats the shadow angels with a new attack.

Pierre’s not a favorite character of mine, so I wasn’t expecting much from this episode. Still, I rather liked all the action that was put in – there was a lot of budget spent this episode on fighting. Plus, it is character development, so that’s welcome.
I was hoping for a new OP, but it’s not in this episode. Dunno when they’re gonna put it in, since this episode was a perfect candidate (with the “conclusion” that was given last time).
All in all, a decent episode and Pierre isn’t just another replacement face anymore. Next episode seems to feature one of the more mysterious characters, Rena (the vampire girl).

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