Alright folks, the bulk of the series I’ve been keeping track of for this season have gone through two episodes now, with the exception of Ichigo Mashimaro, which airs tomorrow.
Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge – I might watch this for a few more episodes, but it’s definately not worth blogging. Verdict: Nixed.
Kamichu! – When I get some time (hopefully soon), I’ll catch up on Kamichu’s subs. Since the subs are coming out by various groups, I’ll stick with those. Verdict: Subbed.
Suzuka – As I said in my post, Lunar is doing this series now, and I expect them to do it relatively quickly. I’ll still watch the raws, but the series officially goes on subbed. Verdict: Subbed.
Everything else I’ll stick with raw.
Oh yea, one more thing: 電車男 (Densha Otoko – Train Man), the TV series, started last week in Japan. If you haven’t heard about it, this is a based-on-true-story tale of an otaku who asks for advice and gets a makeover through the 2chan message boards in order to go out with a beautiful girl. I’m quite interested in the story, so I’ll be watching it, and maybe even blogging it. The movie version too, once I see it.


  1. Densha Otoko looks and ssounds quite interesting, based off a few bits of artwork and various snippets of opinions. Hopefully it’ll be subbed, as the story sounds intriguingly strange.

    Will you be watching Tideline Blue?

  2. No, when I initially decided what I was going to watch this season, I intentionally left out most of the heavy shounen action stuff (GunXSword, Tideline Blue). I’ve already got several of those series going, adding FMP! TSR on this season.

    As for Densha Otoko, I just watched last week’s first episode of the drama, and it’s really good. A few parts made me grimace (mainly how spineless the japanese can be sometimes, or maybe just our main character), but overall I got several good laughs from the otakudom, and the bbs posting. I thought it was very well done in terms of production value, and I’ll definately be following it week by week.


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