Short Summary:
Yamato finds his old friend Hattori Yasunobu sitting in his room one day. The two are talking outside when Suzuka comes by and overhears Yamato calling her a clumsy fat old lady. This of course, doesn’t sit well with her, so she ignores him over lunch, but Fujikawa-san asks the two of them to do some shopping for her. After picking out some toilet covers, Yamato screws things up with one of his comments and sends Suzuka running. In the subsequent chase, Suzuka jumps over a sign that Yamato trips on, forcing her to stop and turn around. The two end up in front of a shrine when Yamato runs off. He returns later and offers Suzuka a croquette, and the two share a moment together. Later after dinner, Yamato and Yasunobu are walking outside when they see Suzuka training. Yasunobu tries to escort her away, but Yamato stops him and pulls her with him instead. The two share yet another moment overlooking the city after Yamato apologizes for what he said earlier.

Last week, I didn’t have much good to say about this series. 8 or so volumes of manga later, I feel a lot better about this series. I’m still not a big fan of the genre in general (rather I should say, the lack of a specific genre), but I know of several things I can look forward to. There’s a few scenes and relationships I’m looking forward to (especially Honoka), but those are still pretty far off. In fact, we see Honoka this episode and next episode we’ll be formally introduced to her.
Aside from the production crew changing the order of the way things happen (for instance, the shopping stuff came first, then the Yasunobu stuff in the manga), the anime adheres pretty well to the manga (well, no bare breast ecchi either, but that’s a given). The only big difference I can think of off the top of my head is the lack of the hole in the wall between Yamato and Suzuka’s rooms, which occurs in the manga where in the anime they had the walk-into-the-wrong-room scene. That’ll make some scenes slightly different later on, but hopefully won’t change things too much. Or the production crew could just put the hole-in-the-wall scene later. We’ll see…

I’m putting Suzuka on Subbed status for now. Lunar is doing the series and seem to have a good team on it, so I don’t expect it to take them too long each week. I may still watch the raws, but I won’t be blogging it until the subs come out (unless I’m bored or really feel like it).

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