Short Summary:
After several ecchi scenes of our girls in the pool, we see Ikko and his friend Yanagi admiring them. Yanagi has a thing for Sumi, and eventually enlists Ikko’s help. Meanwhile a thief has robbed the girl’s locker room of underwear, but only of girls who have large bust sizes (meaning that Yuko is safe, much to her dismay). The group is sent to catch the culprit and set up a trap. After Yanagi falls in it, Ikko reveals that Yanagi is really a spirit. In response, Yanagi turns into Super-Yanagi and tries to take Sumi, but Ikko saves her. Yuko attempts to rip off Chitose’s clothes to activate Ikko’s power but gets Sumi’s instead. Ikko powers up and Yanagi is thus exorcised. The next day, Ikko finds the ghost of Yanagi is still around and admiring the girls in their swimsuits.

There was a lot of fanservice this episode, more than making up for any lack last episode. The girls in school swimsuits, in the locker room, without underwear on, etc. The animation was also very poor in several shots (pretty much all the non-ecchi ones). Wouldn’t surprise me too much either if they keep using the stock footage of Ikko powering up this entire series. As for story, we find that Sumi is a nice person, that’s why Yanagi likes her, but past that it’s still an ecchi show with a weak plot. We’re already onto the monster of the week + ecchi formula. Sometimes I wonder why I watch this show, but dump others… >.>

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