Quickie Summary:
The cat dance is almost upon the town as preparations are well underway. Miki is making a dress and later runs into Ayumu, and she talks to him about the dance before riding off. Ayumu gets a phone call at home from Shione. She asks him out to the dance, but he turns her down. As dusk sets in, Ayumu is by the river with Wakkun. Wakkun becomes angry thinking about Ayumu breaking his promise and says that he doesn’t want to be alone. Ayumu reassures him that he’ll keep his promise. Meanwhile, Takuma has a chat with Ryousuke, and then goes to Miki’s shop. He invites Miki out to the dance, and after she has a hard time accepting, he asks if her choice is Ayumu. Takuma is not very happy as he leaves. He runs into Ayumu on the path outside Touya Forest. As he walks by, he tells Ayumu about Miki being interested, but before he can explain, Ayumu gets a call from the Miki. Takuma walks away as Ayumu answers the phone, which turns out to be Miku instead of her sister. Miku reassures Ayumu that everything will be fine after asking Ayumu about what he’s doing tomorrow and he talks about Wakkun and the festival. That night, Ayumu comes face to face with a fairy outside of his room.

Lotsa stuff I missed or didn’t cover. As usual, please refer to Matthew’s posts for a good summary when he gets it up.
This episode was filled with our characters asking each other to the dance. It really looks like Miki completes the quadrangle by having feelings for Ayumu. It became pretty obvious when she was talking to Ayumu about the dance and they didn’t show her eyes, never mind the fact that Takuma confronted her on it. So, Shione -> Takuma -> Miki -> Ayumu. Someone’s bound to get hurt, if they haven’t already been. I’m looking forward to see how this all turns out now.
As a side note, it’s really interesting watching the OP sequence now that we’re pretty far into the series. A lot of it, including several characters, is still a mystery to me.


  1. 1. WHERE’S MIKOSHIBA SAN! *bangs table* Bring her out already! As well as the eldest Miyama sister!

    2. I think it’s Shione -> Takuma -> Miki -> Ayumu -> Miku (Ayumu is a lolicon, I insist) and Wakkun -> Ayumu and maybe Ryousuke -> Miki (just a bit) thoguh some people might argue it’s Ryousuke -> Ayumu (What suggestive jelly pop thingies they were sucking last week.) Oh, Ryousuke -> Okakababa is quite certain.


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