Episode 09

Short Summary:
Hida Sayuri has a challenger in the form of another sword wielding female. Apparently Sayuri defeated this girl’s father during training and impaired his ability to fight by using a deadly fighting style that she learned herself. With Rein’s support, she comes to terms with what she did in the past and eventually faces her challenger and wins.

Episode 10

Short Summary:
It’s pool time, but the council has to worry about neighborhood guys peeping at their swim practice. After various failed ideas (including using Izumi as bait and telling everyone that practice is cancelled), the council finally charters a cruise ship for it’s pool.

Episode 11

Short Summary:
The council is in trouble when the entire futsal team gets sick the night before a match with their rivals, Kenran High School. The girls train hard to replace them, but when game day comes almost all of them are disqualified by a crooked referee. All seems lost until the manager of their dorm turns out to be a great player and saves the day. It’s actually a member of Covert in disguise, but they win nonetheless.

I finally got a chance to catch up on Gokujou Seitokai. The Sayuri episode gave some good backstory to her character, but she’s still not ranked very high for me. The pool episode was fun, and not fanservicey (not really, especially compared to Amaenaideyo!!). I enjoyed the ranking bit they had in the beginning, especially various girls reactions. I thought the futsal episode was rather stupid, and the manager’s laugh annoyed me greatly. I did like how they give Pucchan a different outfit depending on what Rino is wearing (swimsuit, soccer uniform). The arrogant and snobbish woman bit was kind of funny too.
So my gripe right now with Gokujou Seitokai is that for a comedy, it’s not incredibly funny. Yes, there are some laugh out loud moments, but it’s not anywhere near the quality of Honey and Clover (which I realize is setting the bar rather high). And while I do want more backstory, I’m not confident in this production crew’s ability to pull off serious without boring me. I guess I’ll just have to keep watching for now…


  1. I think Gokujou Seitokai should be taken as a light comedy. I can not take this show seriously even during serious scenes (like the supposed death of Rino’s mother and the supposed death of Pucchan in episode 6). In other words, I’m not expecting any serious drama from this show. Comparing Gokujou Seitokai with Honey & Clover is like comparing heaven and earth (i.e. there is no comparison).

    I also enjoyed the girl ranking bit a lot. It was helarious but I think Kaori should be in third place because she has better looks than Sayuri. Then again, Sayuri is wearing glasses and is more refined than Kaori so I can see the logic here ^_^

  2. I’m not even sure if Gokujou Seitokai is baes on a manga or a game. The character designs remind me of the ones usually used for Japanese dating simulation games (i.e. they are corny).

  3. If you consider this anime as some parody and mindless fun over all is not so bad, but few episodes did screw up. (make me fell stress after watched episode 11 football match which reminds me of a chinese movie*)

    same script writer eh? something’s wrong~

  4. I just started watching Gokujou Seitokai about 3 days ago…. and I think it’s highly unfair to compare this anime to Honey and Clover. I mean, come on. Honey and Clover focused on the image of self. Despite how funny H & C is, there were times that Honey and Clover anime can make you really depressed. I think one of the reason why Kuroda was able to translate the manga of H & C to the anime strongly is because there was less characters to deal with. Gokujou Seitokai has to deal with at least 8+ characters. It’s like juggling. Sometimes Kuroda drops the ball on certain characters…and sometimes he doesn’t. Also, for those who pay attention, don’t forget the inside jokes that Konami threw for this anime. When I heard the episode title for ep 11, I started laughing because it was soo obvious. I think this is one of those animes you have to give it a chance by watching more than half of the series. I remember watching Mai-Hime and thought it was a good average anime until episode 15 (which blew me away). Think of this anime as a mixture of Azumanga (which was average imo), Sensei no Ojikan (at least better than Azu) and a semi serious anime of your choice. This is an anime that can give you a good break from reality or problems you may have in your life.

  5. Gokujo Seitokai is hilarious! I have to say Seina should rank higher than the rank given in episode 10 also I have to say Rein should be too (yes Rein and Seina are my favorite people) This anime makes me laugh so freaking hard, except until like 20 or 21+ then it got all drama and stuff. Anyways enjoy the show.


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