Short Summary:
It’s almost summer, meaning that Rin and friends are thinking about vacation and the beach. But for now, it’s raining and exams time. Shia seems to like the rain, but Rin notices that she’s having trouble with studying. He visits her one night and they study together. In a blushing awkward moment, Shia tells the story of when they met eight years ago, and Rin found her crying and ended up playing with her. After exams end, Rin finds Shia still at school during the rain, so he offers his umbrella and they walk home together. Shia remembers that eight years ago, they also shared an umbrella in the rain, and Rin also got his clothes wet so that she could stay dry.

This was Lisianthus’ episode for backstory. We find out that Rin raised her spirits after finding her crying one day eight years ago, and the two spent time together, and that Rin’s a really nice guy, blah, blah. Pretty average harem-style stuff, but a good episode nonetheless.
Primula + her cat doll = most adorable thing on this show. When she was playing with it in both the scenes that she’s in this episode, her corner of the screen just oozed cuteness. On the flip side, I have no idea what f-ugly ideas the animators are channeling when they draw some of Rin’s faces.
Speaking of the animators, the sentence written in Shia’s notebook was hilarious. *points to screencap 29* It reads “Animators have been living in bad conditions.” It’s semi-hidden things like that that make me really laugh.
Next episode looks like it will probably be a Nerine episode (dear lord, are we going to cycle through all the girls already?). Preview shows them eating lunch on the roof. While I realize that’s done in a lot of series, why does this show seem to parallel Da Capo so much!? Hopefully they’ll be a lot of Primula and her stuffed cat.


  1. The episode looks pretty good..but feels pretty short…and also i was hoping they would shed more light on primura’s part of the story or kaede’s.
    The two girls from demon and heaven, have got to be some of the cliche chars ive seen….hopefully they tell the past of kaede and rim-chan soon

    Tsuchimi Rin

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