Short Summary:
The festival is finally starting! Miku is sick, but she eventually goes to the festival. Shione mulls about in her room for a bit, but also eventually ends up going (and comes face to face with Takuma). Ayumu was going to go with Miki and Miku, but he never returns, instead following a fairy into the forest and playing with Wakkun. At the festival, Miku asks Ryousuke a favor: to go with her into the Touya forest. When it’s time for the contest, Miku is still depressed, most likely because Ryousuke rejected her request. In the forest, when Ayumu wants to leave, Wakkun throws a fit, and so Ayumu stays. Wakkun wants always to be together, always to play together.

The festival has finally started and one by one, our character arrive except for Ayumu, who’s still in the forest with Wakkun. Wakkun looks to be leading him through the broken seal. The very last scene has the local junkyard lighting up with fairies, presumably corresponding to the same time that Ayumu steps over the line. I still don’t really understand how the fairies fit into the picture so I’m looking forward to where the production crew is going with this.
I assume the girl standing beside Miki in the next to last screen is the eldest Miyama sister, but she didn’t get many lines, and I doubt she’s going to play any major role. She does look a lot like her sisters though, but with shorter hair.
There were so many cute things this episode from Shione and Taruto in yukata to Miki and Miku in cat costumes. Plus all the blushing that Miku did when she was sick (and when she’s initially in her costume). かわいい!
This episode felt like it had a lot of setup for next episode, so it wasn’t nearly as interesting as I thought it’d be. Though that does mean that I expect big things to happen in next week’s episode.

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