OP: あふれてゆくのはこの気持ち by あまえ隊っ!! (the Amae Girls)
ED: happy days by 中原麻衣 (Nakahara Mai, the voice of Chitose)
The Amaenaideyo!! OP and ED are probably my favorite parts of the show, the ED a bit more than the OP. I really like the way the OP started. The rest of the song wasn’t too bad, I’ve just never been a huge fan of group songs (especially by the cast). I didn’t like it all that much to start, but it has grown a bit on me. Nakahara Mai does a good job on the ED, especially the full version. I do feel compelled to note that Nakahara Mai is also the seiyuu for Tokiha Mai of Mai-HiME, so that’s a plus.

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