Tatsumi is reading a book, 雲の上のターミナル (The Terminal Above The Clouds), written by Tamotsu Asaba. Ureshiko comes into his room to vacuum and is reminded her of her husband after finding Tatsumi hiding the book. Later, as Tatsumi reads it, Ureshiko finds herself at Tamotsu’s home. She goes in and starts to clean up for him, but Tamotsu tries to kiss her. Of course she resists, so he kicks her out. Ureshiko goes home and lays on her bed in a daze, so Tatsumi decides to make a stamina drink to get her energy up. A bored Sayaka spots him shopping for ingredients, and they end up having some ice cream together. He promises to take her to an amusement park later. The sky clouds up and starts to rain, forcing Tatsumi to run home. He passes Tamotsu kissing his lover, which makes him pause and briefly look back. Once at home, he makes the drink and brings it up to Ureshiko’s room only to find her gone, her window open. It seems that Sayaka couldn’t wait on the amusement park and decided to create her own. Ureshiko arrives to stop her, but Sayaka sends her onto a roller coaster ride. Ureshiko’s power activates again and makes all the conjured rides disappear. Their resulting argument reminds Ureshiko of a similar conversation she once had with Tamotsu about being able to kiss her, which resulted in him leaving her. Sayaka eventually flies away in defeat, but Ureshiko is left in the rain wondering if she’s doing the right thing. She remembers a time when she looked at the city from her favorite spot with her mother. When Tatsumi finally finds her, she unloads her problems on him, so he comforts her. As she’s leaning on his shoulder, he reaches over to touch her face, until she jumps up after remembering that the laundry is still out in the rain. They go to the overlook of the city, but can’t see anything in the rain.

I rather liked this episode. Partly because we got a bit of Ureshiko’s past, partly because we got to see her and Tamotsu’s reunion of sorts (not really). It doesn’t surprise me that the first thing he tries to do is to kiss her, and their relationship really isn’t moving in any way.
Ureshiko and Sayaka go at it again, and Sayaka loses again. I can’t help but feel like their gravitating towards fighting over Tatsumi with the amusement park originally being his idea to Sayaka. She was so happy when he agreed to go with her on a date. And while Ureshiko is leaning on Tatsumi, Sayaka is watching on the side getting all jealous (kind of).
It occurs to me that through all this, Tatsumi still doesn’t know that Ureshiko is a mahou shoujo, having arrived after the battle ended. I wonder how long it’ll be before he finally finds out. I bet it’ll be one of those instances where Ureshiko has to use her powers to save him (probably from something Sayaka did), but that’s just speculation on my part.

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