Aisia is still getting used to doing her maid duties, including cooking breakfast, and going to school. One afternoon, she watches a magical girl program with Junichi and it motivates her to pursue Junichi again to teach her magic. He shows her his conjure trick, but she doesn’t believe that that’s all he can do. A talk with Suginami motivates her to follow Junichi around and spy on him. However, she’s not very good at spying and he spots her every time. He once again sits her down and shows her his only trick. Of course, she’s still not convinced. At school, Aisia accidentally reads some of Nanako’s manga, envisions Junichi as the main character, and gets all sorts of ideas in her head. She decides to get him to reveal his magic by putting him in some dire situations, including dousing him with hot food, hitting a volleyball towards his head, and accidentally triggering a nest of wasps. Junichi really can’t use any magic and gets through all the situations like a normal person would. While on trash duty, Junichi realizes what Aisia has been doing all day. She tries to run away, but falls in the back of a garbage truck. When Junichi goes in to save her, they both fall further in. The driver returns and starts to drive off, prompting Junichi to yell, but only Suginami, Kotori, and Mako hear. They take various routes and chase the truck to the disposal center. Meanwhile, inside the back of the truck, Junichi finally convinces Aisia that she’s been misunderstanding the entire time and that he can only perform his one parlor trick. They get dumped into a pit and start to climb out as the room starts to compact. Aisia loses her balance and falls, but Junichi catches her. He struggles to pull her up as the room closes in on them, but they are saved when Kotori presses the emergency off switch. On their way home, Aishia calls Junichi by his first name instead of master.

There were a lot of funny moments this week, especially during the manga scene and when Aisia imagines Junichi summoning his power. Aisia’s spying on Junichi at home also had me laughing, as did all of Suginami in general. I don’t really mind more Aisia airheaded behavior this time, since the episode was funny, and since it moved us past the calling Junichi “master” phase. I was really afraid that they’d give Junichi real powers in time of need, like during the trash compaction, because then Aisa would continue to badger Junichi about teaching her magic.
Now that the Aisia stuff is more or less out of the way, maybe we can finally get some KotorixJunichi episodes.


  1. I loved this ep! Great laughs and some really cute Aishia moments. I’m sooo glad Aishia is moving on from her silly ‘goshujisama’ act since it was stunting her character growth. “Junichi” sounded so sweet coming from her lips.I get the feeling I can’t get enough of her now. 🙂

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