Short Summary:
Recap episode. There was a good bit of SEED recap too, during the end. Kira and Athrun did have a semi-dialogue where Kira says that he fights because Lacus and Cagalli can have an impact on the future. They fight to build a free future. During the second half, they played both Fields of Hope and vestige as insert songs.

Winners of the Zaku Coloring Contest (ED Sequence):

Apologies to entry number 37 that I couldn’t show a cap. If you were wondering, here’s the image. Entries 31 and 32 were pretty good. A lot of them are blue with random highlights, and several are rainbow colored.
I do find it worthwhile to mention that the OP sequence has also been slightly changed this episode, during the shots of the main characters in the foreground and their mobile suits in the background (updated with their latest suits). The shots of Freedom were also updated to Strike Freedom (gold joints and all).

Next Episode Preview:

Since this was a recap episode, the most important part ends up being the next episode preview. We get a shot of Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice holding hands on re-entry. Talia and Murrue get to square off again in their respective battleships, while Shinn beats up on Cagalli a bit. There’s also a shot of Mwu/Neo in a pilot’s helmet, followed by a shot of him watching the ArchAngel fly off while he stands by a Sky Grasper. The DOMs make their entrance, and the final shot is of Infinite Justice joining the battle. I’m definitely looking forward to next episode.


  1. hmm i think since neo doen’t rememember who he is den murrue tells him to leave AA and go back to earth…(just like how milia tells dearka to leave) but duh they both return to aid the AA…. hehehe… As for Athrun and Justice i think what Anza said is true… coz it has to be either lacus is riding it or it is empty. but since lacus is also on board the AA den she is the one riding it…

  2. being a fan of GS and GSD, I do like both the series except that for GSD, the storyline is a little boring. Also, I feel that the ending of both the GS and GSD series is not that nice…..A lot of actions were placed at the last episode that makes it kinda in a rush….

  3. wow… GSDestiny just finished on cartoon network recently.. wow, i really love GSD! Athrun’s so handsome! lol, and i like cagalli and athrun XD! of course shinn and kira too!


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