Short Summary:
Ayumu has a flashback of when he was little, playing hide and seek with Wakkun. He also remembers that day when his parents forced him to leave with his mother after he had already made a play date with Wakkun. Ayumu apologizes to Wakkun again, then suggests that they go to the festival together. Wakkun is hesitant, but goes along with him. As they approach the entrance of the forest, they run into Ryousuke, who came because of Miku. Ryousuke can barely see an outline of Wakkun, and when he tries to touch him, Ayumu tells him to stop. They arrive at the festival and go by the 金魚救い (Kingyo Sukui, goldfish catching) booth that Ryousuke was working at earlier. At the landfill, a couple and their baby dumping stuff are amazed and frightened by all the glowing lights that have begun to take off. Wakkun senses something is happening and starts to wander off. In town, Heigorou-san is walking Roku when a parade of cats, led by Okakababa, run by. After Roku gets all excited, Heigorou-san releases him from his leash and watches as he chases after them. The cats run onto the festival grounds just as all the fairies are flying overhead. Okakababa runs by Ryousuke’s stall and stops, staring at him for a second, then continues on. Ryousuke sees him and follows, calling to Takuma along the way. Ayumu and Wakkun, who have joined with the Miyama sisters, peer out from behind the stage to find the place deserted. On the mountain, the ground shakes and starts to move.

Add the fact that Takuma rejected Shione yet again and this was a pretty good episode. They’re really setting up to finish the arc now, though I have no idea how this’ll turn out. I don’t quite see the love quadrangle storyline and the Wakkun storyline converging quite yet, and maybe they won’t. Though it would be interesting if they did.
I found it pretty amusing that since Mika can’t see Wakkun, she finds Ayumu a bit wierd (and initially calls Wakkun Miku’s hallucination). Not much else to say except that I thought the animation was pretty good this episode, especially the use of light and shadow when Ayumu and Wakkun were by Ryousuke’s stall.


  1. I believe Ayumu is saying “僕たちも行こうか??” , something like “We will also go?”, referring to going up the mountain.
    As for Toyonaga Toshiyuki appearing in Densha Otoko, yea he was there. If you look at cap 07 of Densha Otoko 04, he’s on the right of the top row. On my raw, he has a spoken line at the 26 minute mark. At least I think that’s him (looks like him from the picture in his ANN profile).

  2. Ah thanks. Nah, I was just thinking that Ayumu looked kinda hot in the last pic. >_>

    Heh, and the Miyama sisters look so similar except in…
    -Hairstyle (… for now)
    -Hair colour – VEERY slightly, I realise that Mika’s hair has a touch more yellow, Miki’s hair is just green, and Miku’s hair is slightly bluer.


    And I hope that we don’t get somethign sad like Ayumu being kamikakushi’d to the Other Side and Miki being on the other side and the outside world aging 10x faster than the inside…. that sounds RahXephonish…


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