At work, Mayama is questioned by his coworkers about his relationship with Yamada, then with Rika. Nomiya wonders if he’s using Yamada as his backup plan to Rika. Mayama vehemently denies it, and the two leave for Yamada’s college to pick up some pottery. After Yamada fills Mayama in on whats been going on with the group, she offers to treat them to her homemade curry. They decline, and Mayama recieves a call that he has to return to work. He leaves behind his coat, which Yamada later finds. Nomiya also drives off, but notices that he left behind his lighter. When he returns to get it, he finds Yamada wearing Mayama’s coat. He interrupts her and pretends not to notice, instead inviting her to dinner. They end up driving all the way to Nagano to eat soba. The next day, Nomiya tells everyone at work about the date, including Mayama. Enraged, Mayama storms into the college and confronts Yamada about it, to which she gets angry and rushes out. Afterwords, Mayama has a chat with Hanamoto-sensei. Hanamoto mentions that Rika did see Mayama at the park over the summer, making Mayama realize that it’s been an entire year and that he still has feelings for her. He remembers the night two years ago when he found her collapsed in the shower: as he had watched over her bed while she slept, she had taken his arm and called out to her husband, only to wake up and find Mayama there. Mayama took advantage of the situation and kissed her. Back in the present, Mayama gets a phone call telling him that Asai-san, his former coworker, has been hospitalized. Visiting Asai-san, he is then informed that Rika is in the building. Mayama rushes to the lobby to find her, catching her in the elevator. After sitting down, he suggest coming back to work for Harada Design, but she pushes his offer away. Mayama decides that maybe it’s time to start over with her. As Rika leaves the hospital in the evening, she finds Mayama waiting. He offers her a ride through the rain, taking advantage of her immobility. As he drives, he realizes that his feelings are as strong as ever, and he lets his selfish self take over.

If it weren’t for the insert song, this would have been only a decent episode. There were some good jokes about Yamada’s cooking, and most of the stuff Hanamoto-sensei was involved in this episode was pretty funny. Of course, the drama is still good. I hope Mayama works things out with Rika next episode. Either they need to finally realize their feelings, or she needs to clearly and forcefully reject him.
But since there was an insert song, SpitzYoru wo Kakeru (夜を駆ける) from their 2002 album 三日月ロック, this was a great episode. This is definitely my favorite insert song so far. It has an almost haunting feeling to it, and I love the opening notes. They played about two and half minutes of it, all the way to the ending credits, which is what bumped my rating quite a bit higher.
Ultimately though, I hope that Morita comes back soon, and we can continue with Takemoto/Hagu-chan/Morita storyline. Though I do admit, I’ve been enjoying the Mayama arc a lot more than it may sound like.


  1. I finally figured out what’s bugging me about these last few episodes. The time gap. The last three episodes span over three days. In H&C we’re used to big time gaps but these small focus segments shorten the time gap. What does this mean for Morita’s eventual return? (Is there going to be another time gap?)

    BTW enjoyed this episode. I have to agree with you on this one. The later half of the episode really shone well. I like how they did that flashback to when Rika first found out about Harada. Poor both of them. I’m a little confused about the whole Yamada thing but I hope the next episode gives us answers.

    Poor Takemoto all he gets is a tower scene…

  2. I dunno about spanning over three days. When Hanamoto-sensei and Mayama were talking about Rika seeing Mayama in the park, Hanamoto-sensei says “a little while ago” (according to Solar’s translation). When Mayama asks “When?”, the response is “during the summer.” That makes it sound like it’s been more than just a few days since the incident occured, probably a lot more. Especially since now they’re wearing coats, so it’s probably autumn already. Time is definitely passing, and I suspect Morita will be back once the Mayama arc is done.

  3. I guess you’re right about the time gap thing. I guess it was my mind playing with me again. (Perhaps it’s because I’ve been grabbing my Honey and Clover episodes as soon as they’re released.)

    Hey did anyone notice they kind of cut off the insert song at the very end. I thought the whole effect could have been magnified if they left the song play for another two seconds. That animation for the car lights was really awsome. Some of the best animation was displayed in this episode. What is the significance for the trailing car lights?

  4. I really liked this ep myself, mostly because the 2nd part was handled really well – I loved the part when Rika was mumbling about a scary dream, she wakes up and its’ Mayama… poor lady. And also the insert song. DAMN I love Spitz!

    You know what would have been even more interesting, if they used the rest of the insert song for the ending (like in some anime they change the ending for one special ep or something)

    And I’m enjoying this arc a lot even without Morita, because although Hagu’s changed, I still don’t like her… even though the Yamada/Mayama jokes are not as funny as the Morita jokes, I am starting to appreciate that Yamada is not so unbearably smitten over Mayama.

  5. I think Nomiya and Yamada are just cute couple ^.^
    though he just look like Morita with brown hair and glasses -_-”

    hey guys .. i liked the insert song and i’m wondering where can I download it ?

  6. Mayama kissing Rika…. zomg that scene was sooooo … arg, words fail me!

    For some reason, I am totally amused by the dog’s barks being subtitled. And what exactly does Miwako do… besides pet that dog all day?

  7. thnx alot for the link… I love the song …
    same here first i thought Morita likes Yamada .. ^^; but after seeing him helping her to get closer to Mayama .. I changed my mind …
    waiting for more Nomiya and Yamada moments ^^


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