OP2 Sequence:

OP2: Go Tight! by AKINO
I really like this song. It’s very fast paced, as is the new OP sequence which shows mostly clips from previous episodes, but does it in a style which overlays the clips with other images. It’s done rather well, so I’m pretty pleased with the new OP, though I wish we had gotten this back in episode 14 (but that’s just a minor gripe).

Short Summary:
Gen Fudo decides that for everyone to know each other better, they will cosplay as each other. What ensues is a hilarious showing where Apollo and Sirius, Silvia and Reika, Pierre and Chloe all switch clothes and try to act each other out. It goes on through the evening when Sirius crawls off into the forest, Apollo style. Reika starts to have flashbacks of Silvia’s past when her home was burning. Apollo wanders into the same house and finds a picture of the De Alisia mother and father. Just as Sirius is getting used to being Apollo and sniffing a flower, an alarm goes off. Apollo, Sirius, and Silvia are sent out only to find that their opponents are copies of their vector machines. They are initially unable to gattai, while the copies form Lunar Aquarion and start shooting at them. After realizing that the enemy is only an imitation, they return to their own mindsets and form Solar Aquarion. They’re so powerful in this form that Aquarion starts to physicall grow in size. The enemy splits into the vector machine copies and tries to fly off in three different directions. Our pilots pull off an impressive 3D triple attack that wins the battle.

New ED Sequence:

The song playing in the background during this sequence is an orchestral version of 創聖のアクエリオン. I really want the next OST now.

This episode completely renews my faith in Aquarion. The episode was hilarious, there was great action at the end, AND we got a new OP & ED. I swear, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that all the character development so far was just in place so that they could mock it this episode. I was in tears throughout the entire first half because of the cosplay. Some of it was pretty stereotypical, such as Silvia’s brother complex and Apollo’s constant sniffing, but the entire thing caught me off guard, so I found it hilarious.
If they can keep this level of quality up until the end, I’ll be very very happy. Next episode preview promises a bit more of the same perhaps, with a shot of Jean-Jerome’s head on Sophia’s body. I can honestly say that I am actually looking forward to Aquarion now.


  1. I’ve pretty much stopped watching Aquarion and been reading your reviews Omni to keep me inform (great job btw). I think, however, I *will* watch this episode as cosplaying is always a good thing… more so when its characters mocking each other!

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your review, It’s a time ago you posted this review, I hope you can still give a feedback, cause I really want to know where I can get the ending of episode 18 of Genesis no Aquarion :S

    I know you couldn’t find it at that moment and in the OST I can’t hear there was one…




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