Short Summary:
In Clow Country, Touya is worried about the sandstorms surrounding the ruins. He thinks about leaving Sakura in Syaoran’s hands and remembers the first time that he met Syaoran. Meanwhile, our heroes arrive in Outo country, where they are required to register themsevles and allowed to choose professions. They trade in their old clothes and buy a house with the money. That night, as they are resting, a demon attacks, but Syaoran defeats it. The next day, Fye and Syaoran learn at city hall that they can be bounty hunters to kill demons, so Fye signs up Kurogane and Syaoran. For him and Sakura, he chooses for them to run a cafe. Fye makes the decision to turn the house into a cafe for bounty hunters so that they can gather information easier. That night, Syaoran and Kurogane go out on patrol. In a fight, Kurogane notices that Syaoran’s right eye is a fake, making that his weak side. They defeat the demons that ambush them anyway, then encounter another group of bounty hunters.

We’re finally to Outo country! Fye is as playful as ever, and Kurogane and Syaoran kick some major demon butt. They followed the manga pretty well, moving the event order around a tad, but not really changing anything. There was another insert song, showing that maybe TC is getting a bigger budget. This one was in engrish, and it’s not a bad song, but it sounds a bit like last week’s insert song.
There’s going to be a lot of fighting in the future, and I hope that not all the fights are going to be as dark shaded as this one was, making it hard to see some of what was going on. I’m looking forward to next week, when we’ll meet some more of the bounty hunters in this world.


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