Short Summary:
Hinata finds a kitten and starts to care for it, ignoring her other pet, the tiny black demon thing. It becomes jealous and eventually runs away. Hinata goes looking for him and finds him, only to be attacked later by a huge transformed version of the kitten. The rest of the girls arrive and activate Ikko’s power, defeating it and turning it back into a kitten. The rightful owners arrive to take it home and Hinata goes back to caring for the small demon.

The small demon/ogre/black thing: cute
The kitten: cute
Hinata trying to breast feed the kitten: funny
Everything else: stupid
I’d say this episode was slightly better than the previous ones for the sole reason that we see some unintroduced bad guys. Perhaps there really is going to be a story here instead of fluff and fanservice every week (though I don’t have high hopes). Really at this point, I’d take any type of back plot. Maybe after we cover Yuko next episode, we’ll actually get some story.


  1. Sometimes it’s pleasant to have something very pretty and mentally non-challenging in which to escape

    I find Amaenaideyo to be incredibly funny, ‘decently-sensual’, very well presented, not in the least taxing…and wonderfully cheeky….if I wan’t intelligent plot, I’ll pop on a Ghibli.


  2. The Plot is pretty simple…Ikkou was born with a power he cant control. he was sent to his grandmothers for training, but he, being a perverty, unleashes this power when aroused. and for the most part it seems that he cant bring the power out unless aroused…or in the one case when Chitose was in danger. its like a story developing from episode to episode, with a main agenda in the background…


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