Short Summary:
Nemu wakes up in Miharu’s bed, remembering her fight with Junichi. She quietly sneaks back to his house, but Aisia opens the door, forcing Nemu to jump into the bushes. Aisia spots Nemu’s hair ribbons and jumps in after them. Junichi walks out to find both of them in the bushes, and Aisia accusing Nemu of being a burglar. Before he can say anything substantial, Nemu storms off. At school, it’s physical exam time. Suginami gets Junichi worried about perverted boys going after nurse Nemu. This prompts him to visit her, but he finds her examining the girls. After getting beat on for intruding, he tells her that he’s concerned about her, but the doctor interrupts them. He starts walking off but notices Nemu’s loose hair and tells her to tie it together. Nemu gets flustered by him touching her hair and starts blushing, which Junichi notices. Unbeknownst to them, Kotori is listening from behind the corner. During the actual examinations, the usual breast size related hijinks occur involving Miharu & Kotori, Nemu & Mako, and Aisia and Moe. When Nemu gets around to measuring Kotori, she notices something is wrong. Kotori tries to ask Nemu about Junichi, but Mako jumps in. Their conversation reminds Nemu that Junichi mentioned he was worried about her.
After his own physical, Junichi is laying around and decides to go look for Nemu again. He doesn’t find her in the nurse’s office, but instead sees a stack of everyone’s data sheets. Nemu walks in forcing an embarrased Junichi runs into a locker to avoid her. The doctor follows Nemu in. He leans down to take out the bands that are binding her hair. To Junichi who is looking through the shadows, it looks like he kisses her. Aisia later walks by a depressed Junichi who is spending the rest of the day staring at the sky. Aisia stays with him until nightfall, then raises his spirits a bit and convinces him to go home. Nemu, on the other hand, buys some groceries and ends up in the Asakura household cooking stew. Junichi and Aisia arrive back to find her waiting for them. However, a spiteful Junichi starts arguing with Nemu and mentions the kiss that he thought he saw. Nemu doesn’t know what Junichi is talking about and walks out crying.

I thought this was going to be a fanservice episode, but it pleasantly surprised me by adding in some good drama. Junichi definitely still has strong feelings for Nemu, getting jealous and protective quite easily. That attitude becomes a major contributing factor to why Nemu and Junichi haven’t been able to spend time together since the time at the lighthouse. The other major factor being Aisia, which is for now is a comedic factor but a factor nonetheless.
Stripey mentioned in his episode six post that he thinks Nemu won’t be around for long, that she’ll go away again and work as a plot device to get Kotori motivated. I agree with him on the fact that Nemu has to go if Kotori is going to stand a chance. Today’s episode helps and hurts that prediction at the same time. On one hand, their feelings for each other are ironically pushing Junichi and Nemu away from each other. Meaning that if Nemu left now, Kotori very well might have a chance. But on the other hand, and this is far more prevalent, these feelings are just too strong for them to cut Nemu back out without first resolving some issues. They’ve been building this up way too much to be only using Nemu to motivate Kotori. I would be very disappointed if they just found some way to write her out of the story for the time being. Still, we’ve got a lot of episodes left and this would be no fun if Nemu and Junichi were happy together starting at episode seven. So it looks like we’ll have to wait till next week to see what happens. DCSS suddenly became a series that I look forward to…
Oh yea, icing on the cake: there’s actually an insert song this episode! It is 闇に揺れる陽だまり by rino.


  1. I am quite worried after reading your post this time that Kotori doesn’t stand a chance anymore. Well having played a number of bishoujo gmes before something tells me the directors could on one hand play out a story that revolves around the difficulties of the relationship between Nemu and Asakura. This may give us a Nemu ending. However, they may on the other hand play out a Kotori ending which i am very interested to watch. Besides I have had enough of the Nemu and Asakura relationship. Time to give the other girls a chance wouldn’t you think so too? Anyway i haven watched it yet being busy and all. Will hope to watch it later on blog my thought on it tomorrow.

  2. As much as I perfer Kotori it was sad seeing Nemu cry, she just wanted to do something nice and it’s all gone downhill, you can’t help but feel sorry for her right now… Darn this makes me want to re-watch the first season because I can’t remember anything =_=”

  3. Apparently Nemu *might* be permanently in DCSS…last week I checked the main site to see if there was a link for a character profile page for Nemu and it wasn’t available. Apparently the .html page is there with her picture, but they haven’t filled anything in yet (nor link it from the character cast page).


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