Quickie Summary:
Yamato is still recovering from Suzuka’s rejection. Ultimately, it is Yuuka who helps him get over it with a love story of her own. Her talk inspires Yamato enough to yell at the top of his lungs on the roof that he likes Suzuka. The next day, Yamato reconsiders joining the track and field team after Miyamoto once again approaches him. Yasunobu and Suzuka are less than happy and voice their concerns. In the end, much to the delight of Miyamoto and the surprise of Suzuka and Yasunobu, Yamato decides to join.

Just a brief note: I’m going to be doing quickie summaries for Suzuka from now on. It’s an effort I’m making so that I’m not spending so much time blogging; a compromise to myself between blogging this subbed and blogging this raw. Hopefully that will be sufficient for you, the reader, until Lunar makes their releases (usually on Saturday).
Now that we’ve gotten past the confession in the end of Volume 2, Yamato decides to join the track and field team, and at the same time try to improve his relationship with Suzuka because he still likes her. In a sense, that’s how the next series of episodes will turn out: half track and field, half romance. It’s decent story and plot, but I’m not going to be really happy until we reach volume five’s material, which should be around episode 13.
Once again, I have to complain about the animation because once again, it was incredibly inconsistant and just plain bad in some instances. I would be a lot happier if this series looked more like the manga, but that’s not possible given their budget. I will give them credit though for use of music. I’m a lot happier with the BGMs they have employed these past couple of episodes.
Next episode will be two chapters worth of track and field and the introduction of Hashiba Miki, plus a chapter of Yamato and Honoka (which is what I’m looking forward to).


  1. To be honest, the animation is beginning not to bother me anymore, I’m rather starting to giggle at it. There are some frames which are drawn so poorly that I’m seriously thinking “hey, I could do that too”. Yamato’s head being way too small in proportion to the rest of his body, and looking totally silly sticking out of his shirt. The track runners who are all perfectly upright as if they’d have had an ironing board for breakfast. Stuff like that 🙂

    Miki sighting! Best scene in the episode! Looking forward to ep8!

  2. I guess having read the manga A) sets my expectations high (for artwork) and B) Allows me to know the story already, so I’m looking more at production value in the series than actual plot (though of course plot is still good).

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