Short Summary:
Asa’s heart is in confusion after one of the most popular guys in school, Takizawa, confesses to her. Though she thinks about Takizawa a lot during the next day, her thoughts always come back to Rin. With a lot on her mind, Asa hurts herself attempting the high jump during PE class. Rin ends up walking her home and staying over for a bit, since her mother isn’t home. After Asa goes off to change clothes, Rin needs to use the bathroom, so he goes to find it. He instead walks in on Asa about to use the toilet, triggering an awkward moment. Afterwords, Asa and Rin talk about when Rin left Kaede in Asa’s hands so that she could learn to cook. Asa says that she feels envious of Kaede for getting so much attention from Rin. The conversation topic switches to Takizawa, but Asa still isn’t sure about her feelings. As Asa tries to get up, her injury causes her to fall on top of Rin. The two get very close to kissing, but Asa’s mother arrives home just in time to interrupt them. The next day, Asa formally rejects Takizawa, giving him back his gift.

I was hesitant going into this episode because of the different art style/character design. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. The only time you could really notice a difference is on a close-up shot (which there were plenty of), but I was very pleased with the way the excellent character designs. I would even go as far as to say I prefer this style over the norm – it feels more detailed.
Bonus points to the production team for telling this story from Asa’s point of view. This episode would not have been nearly as good if we had followed Rin around instead. I definitely came out of this episode liking Asa a lot more as a character, so I think the writers did their job. Asa is no longer just a supporting character in my eyes ; she’s undeniably a contender. If only her mother didn’t interrupt them…Rin was about to kiss her!
It seems that we are rotating through the girls since the next episode preview shows Rin on a date with Sia. I hope we can get as good an episode next week as we did this week.
Closing thought: Rin’s expression when he walked in on Asa in the bathroom was priceless.


  1. wrong…. Shia is the god’s daughter but she has a devil mum so shia is actually both. and if you have played the game you should know what i am talking about…. anyway my mistake… they seem to be straying of the game a little here… probably they do not want to login a girl this early in the series..

  2. Had you ever had a friend girl who you finally saw as a very attractive girl? I truly understand why Rin’s seeming denseness. To acknowledge it means changing your relationship to parts uinknown

  3. To be honest, I don’t see how he can pick anyone other then Keade. She’s the one that’s been there with him from the start all that time doing everything for him and living in her house. It would completely crush her if he picked someone else. Plus, the brownish orange haired long time friend with a red headband rarely loses in these shows.

    The other girls could handle the rejection. Asa is an unknown to herself lesbian without Rin with her blonde haired friend who is totally lesbian and knows it.

    The other 3 Prim, Sia, and Nerine would get over it, 2 of them haven’t seen him in 8 years and the other just met him and is young, she has lots of time left. I don’t think it would crush any of these 3s hearts completely if he picked Keade. Sure they would be sad but I think they would understand and recover unlike Keade who might throw herself off a bridge if she loses.

    The only way I see him picking someone else is if Keade agrees to be his personal servant (maid) and agrees with him picking Sia or Nerine in order not to lose him completely, so she can still live with him and cook for him and sneak into his room at night like a mistress. Something Keade would have to agree with completely which I really don’t see happening.

    This is why I think he was no choice from the start, unless he’s forced to pick Sia or Nerine to save the world from destruction, which I believe neither Sia or Nerine would want to be picked for a reason other then love. So… I don’t see that happening either.

    Still, in my own personal opinion I really like Nerine a lot, not a single day would be boring with her. She’s completely unstable and really strong and so totally cute those eyes and all her sama’s.

    Plus, her dad is pretty cool unlike Sia’s dad who I really don’t like much. Plus, picking Nerine means Prim will be around to, and Sia will probably come over a lot as well. If you play the cards right picking Nerine could make you the Demon King with all your harem living happily under one roof. Maybe I’m just selfish and indecisive but I don’t think I could pass up trying to get these cards to fall in this order.

    I may like Herine the most but I don’t see him(Rin) picking the path I would try to take. It really looks like Keade no matter what to me at the moment.

    I haven’t seen anything passed this ep nor have I read the novel yet, so this is just personal views as of this post.


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