New OP Sequence Images

The only changes come at the end of the sequence. They basically replaced the shot of the current cast with the Miyama sisters in cat attire, then put shots of the new characters where previously we focused on Ayumu and company.

Short Summary:
Weird things are happening across Yokohama: from traffic lights to arcade games to cash registers, various electronics are malfunctioning. After winning stuffed animals from a broken machine, Yamato Rieko and her friends spot a stray cat, which is of course Okakababa. However, it runs away after they approach it. Rieko leaves her friends to go home, but instead meets with Tanigawa Kisa. They talk about Kisa’s apparent absence from school. Rieka eventually leaves, but is entranced by the sight of some white fairies ganging up on an orange one. They soon disappear and she is left wondering about what she saw. Kisa, on the other hand, encounters an oblong, rice-grain shaped fairy. It seems hurt, so she takes it home with her. Trying to feed it, then talking to it, Kisa finally calls the fairy Bun-chan. That night, Kisa is awakened by the sound of Bun-chan hitting against the window. It alerts Kisa of something outside: a large round object floating above the skyscrapers in the distance. As the sun comes up, the object disappears.

Whoo boy, new arc is very different from the old one. I was downright giddy with anticipation when I started watching because this is like a completely different series. I think I like the city a lot more than the countryside as so far, it tends to be more detailed and more vibrant. Plus, I haven’t really noticed any odd angled shots like we have had previously (so far anyway). I actually like the camerawork for this episode.
Our main characters are now Rieko and Kisa (though Ayumu is supposed to appear sometime in the future). Rieko seems like a good level-headed character, maybe a bit shy. However, I like the more mysterious characters, so I’m growing to be a Kisa fan (and no, not just because we got some Kisa service). Didn’t quite understand what all the gator/reptile stuff means, nor all the equipment in her room, but that just adds to the mystery. In fact, a lot of this episode went unexplained. What were the white fairies doing to the orange one? Who was that old man watching Rieko? All we know about him is that his name is Hatori Jirou. Why does Bun-chan look different from the fairies we’ve previously seen? What was it that Kisa saw floating above the city? And how does Okakababa fit into all this?
This is an introductory episode, so I guess they are using good hooks to keep us watching. I think I’m going to really enjoy this arc. But like Matthew, I’m going to miss Miku (and Shione). *keeps fingers crossed for cameo appearances*


  1. Thanks a lot for the write-up!

    I’m really enthusiastic about this new arc! The character designs look great, and a change of scenery will do the show good. Unfortunately I have to wait for the subs to pop up.

    I can’t wait!

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