Short Summary:
Meer is rendered speechless by the real Lacus’ appearance. Lacus question Gilbert’s actions and finishes by saying that we don’t know his true intentions. After its over, Gilbert puts Meer in a shuttle, sending her off with a smile that only frightens her. A confused Shinn asks Rey what he thinks about the Lacuses, but Rey’s reponse is that Gilbert is the honest one. After they sit down, the topic switches to Athrun and Meyrin. Luna is astonished to learn that they are alive and may be on the ArchAngel. On thier moon base, Djibril and the EA are preparing a superweapon. It so happens that Yzak and Dearka are engaged in a battle by one of the relay cylinders. They get to see first hand the massive power of the Requiem when Djibril fires it. It slices through several PLANTs, but misses its intended target of Aprilius. As everyone stands around shocked, Yzak orders an attack on the cylinder that they are beside. They succeed in destroying it, but the damage has been done. On the Minerva, Rey explains how the new weapon works to Shinn and Luna. He says it is because Djibril got away, causing Shinn to remember his fight with Athrun in the Infinite Justice. Meanwhile, the Minerva has orders to return to space, and does so with the help of some special boosters. Back on the ArchAngel, Lacus explains about the Destiny plan, where genetics are the deciding factor in the world. Athrun adds that Gilbert wants prod along natural selection and create a world where people can live without troubles, but not knowing any better, not able to make their own decisions. As Kira and Athrun agree to fight on, Gilbert is sitting in his new base, a smile creeping onto his face.

I almost feel sorry for Meer at this point. She can’t hold her own against Lacus, she’s scared of Gilbert, and now she’s being sent off, pretty much useless at this point. I think she’ll still be a key figure, though I have doubts that her story ends happily. *tsk tsk* She should have gone with Athrun when she had the chance.
Gilbert himself is appearing more evil by the moment. He is mildly surprised by the Requiem, then seemingly pretends to be shocked and angry when it destroys several PLANTs. He also has his new Mesatoa base built around an asteroid, complete with a throne for the emperor. I wont make any more Star Wars references, but if that new base turns out to be another superweapon…. (read: Death Star).
What’s happening with the Hawke sisters is also notable. While Meyrin sticks to Athrun like glue, Lunamaria finally realizes that her sister may still be alive. But how is that going to affect her? Are we going to see her refuse to fire on the ArchAngel because Meyrin is on it? I guess having sisters on opposing sides of the war makes things more interesting. And while nothing in this episode hints at it, I still think that one of the sisters will die by the end.
Having said all that, Yzak is still the star of the episode for me. It brings back memories seeing him get all pissed off and ready to kick ass and take names. Still, I wish they’d give him a better mobile suit, same with Dearka. Veterans of their status deserve custom gundams.
As for the ArchAngel group, I hope they spring into action soon. While the preview shows ZAFT forces fighting on the moon, it only shows Kira and Athrun standing in a hanger, so they probably won’t be doing much. The moon fight looks fun, but I don’t think that it will be very original. In particular, I bet they’ll reuse all the Destroy Gundam scenes from before with a different background (as seen in the preview).
As a final thought, don’t ZAFT and the EA learn from the past at all? Aren’t those superweapons time consuming and expensive to build? How do they manage to get it constructed without the other side noticing and becoming highly alerted?

Edit: I have to link yzak’s entry for GSD 44. It is just too funny…


  1. “As for the ArchAngel group, I hope they spring into action soon.”

    I hope they get killed so that any future Cosmic Era shows can’t be a bunch of “Kira knows best” crap.

    Wonder if they’re gonna even a little bit guilty that their “Orb > all” bias has gotten millions of people killed.

  2. Yeah, and I believe that they’re doing the right thing. I mean, after all, both the EAF and ZAFT have killed just as many people in their own conflict against one another. Either way, I just hope that Mwu doesn’t bite the stardust anytime soon ^^;;.

    Phantom Pain
  3. What would truely be funny is if he nearly does… but because he uses Akatsuki (just by random chance) the beam gets refelected right back at the enemy >:D That would just be funny.

  4. [QUOTE: Edit: I have to link yzak’s entry for GSD 44. It is just too funny… ]

    This guy is an idiot I am sorry to say, too many curse words -.-;

    But I do like your style of information on episodes.
    Meyrin should get a gundam and go kick Luna’s butt !!!

  5. It’d be funny if Lacus gave Meyrin the Strike Rouge (rebuilt, of course), and told her that Kira and Athrun were busy fighting off Shinn and Rey to advance the storyline, and they needed her to waste Luna for them. XD

    Phantom Pain
  6. Wow Anza! That was just plain… Scary. It’s almost as if you knew that Neo/Mwu would get the Akatsuki in Phase-45… Are you holding out on us?! Either that or it was just a really, really good guess. lol. I guess Cilp Show ‘Em All Fukuda was too damn lazy to write in an extra Gundam for Mwu, XD.

    Phantom Pain
  7. Sorry to go off subject but i have a question. On my Gundam Seed Destiny dvd’s the opening theme song for episode 44 is different the others that have the 4th opening theme song. Its like an upbeat techno song with jpop in the background i tried looking on websites to see if it was suppose to be like that but i cant find anything about it. What gives do i have a bootleg copy of the dvd’s or what?

    Gouf Ignited
  8. i thnk its bcoming mre exiting coz we still dont know who in the sisters wll die and jst as i wsh dat d arch angel wll sprig out in action,shckin everyone especially d bad a big fan of bth gs original and gsd,in rily exited of wat wil happen

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