Short Summary:
After their battle, our heroes meet another pair of demon slayers, Nekoi Yuzuriha and Shiyuu Kusanagi, and bring them back to the cafe. Nekoi explains the oni classification system while Fye treats them to some cake. Later, after the guests have left, Sakura brings Syaoran some hot chocolate. She starts to ask about her past with Syaoran but soon blanks out. Apparently Yuuko’s price includes preventing her from remembering, even if she wants to know. The next day, Syaoran and Kurogane visit city hall again for the bounty from the previous night since some oni showed up after Sakura fell asleep. Upon inquiring about weird events while looking for the feather, they are pointed to the information center. There, they meet the Information Bureau’s Erii who tells them that lately the oni have been acting weird and appearing in places they shouldn’t be. She also mentions that a new type of oni has appeared, a very beautiful one, but that no one has fought it. She then gives them a card to a place that might provide more information. Fye and Kurogane go to check it out, but get surrounded by demons. They pull out their weapons (Fye using darts) and get ready for a fight.

Finally Tsubasa returns after a two week hiatus. It’s good to see everyone back in action again, and Fye even gets to do some fighting. We are getting deeper into the Outo arc, and cover two chapters of the manga (35 and 36). They are following the manga fairly well, but one of the major changes that I noticed is that they cut out Erii’s “test” for Kurogane and Syaoran when they first get to the Information Bureau. I am also assuming that they are switching around the order a bit, as some characters that should have already appeared haven’t yet. In the episode’s defense though, a lot of the angles and shots seem to be lifted right out of the manga, so I really couldn’t be happier. I was especially pleased with the way the scene where Sakura tried to remember her past was animated. In fact, I liked both of the scenes where Fye gets a serious look on his face (which is fairly rare).
The preview shows a lot of fighting and a certain shadowy figure that I am looking forward to seeing animated. I guess I’m glad that Tsubasa is back and better than ever…


  1. definatly cool ep. very funny when Kuro “woof woof” tried to kill fye for those kawaii nickanes. also a small handfull of kurofai moments for those shippers waiting for somehting to happen.


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