Short Summary:
Tsuyoshi and Saori go out on a date to Akihabara, amazing all the otakus there. He even takes her to his secret spot overlooking the area, but is unable to take advantage of the situation and confess. She later invites him over to her house, and then invites him to dinner with her family. Kazuya, who has offered to arrange the meal, secretly puts tabasco sauce in all of Tsuyoshi’s food, then offers him a ton of water. The plan is to replace him with a body double when he has to use the restroom. That never goes through as the Aoyama father arrives. Tensions are high and Tsuyoshi excuses himself from the meal turned sour. He comes back to get a handkerchief, only to find Saori crying because of the divorce papers between her parents. He lectures them about their children’s happiness and what they’re doing. Feeling guilty about the situation, Saori’s mother hands her father the divorce papers and walks out. Having seen both of her parents off, Saori leaves the restaurant hand in hand with Tsuyoshi. Everyone on the BBS is happy for Densha until one of them wonders when Hermes will learn about the message board. Ironically, as Tsuyoshi frets over the issue, Keisuke finds out about the it after looking at Misuzu’s computer. He puts two and two together and rushes home to tell Saori. Tsuyoshi finally makes up his mind to tell Saori, but he arrives at her house just as Keisuke shows it to her.

I really enjoyed the balance this episode had: the first half was hilarious while the latter half was quite serious. I was laughing until I cried after hearing Saori say “moe” twice and seeing everyone’s reactions. And Kazuya’s antics were pretty funny too, especially since I didn’t expect him to use a body double for Tsuyoshi.
The message board is really the final obstacle in Tsuyoshi and Saori’s relationship. Once that’s cleared up, there’s nothing really left that Tsuyoshi hasn’t told Saori. However, this hurdle seems to be a pretty big one as Saori even starts to cry after learning about the BBS. You’d think it wouldn’t affect her quite so much since she’s put up with quite a lot up to now, including Tsuyoshi’s coming out as an otaku last episode.
They chose an interesting insert song this week in the form of the english version of Tsubaki’s Sea of Love. I’m not sure whether I like the english or the japanese version, but it is nonetheless a good song. I’ve also been listening to the Densha Otoko OST, and it really reminds me of how good the music of this series is and how much I’ll miss it when it ends.
The Akihabara trip had way too many SHUFFLE! shots, serving only to remind me of the fact that we don’t have any SHUFFLE! this or next week. On that note though, the next episode of Densha Otoko won’t be airing next week either. The note on the preview says it’ll be shown on the 15th, giving it one week off. That means I’ll have absolutely nothing to write about next Thursday (with both SHUFFLE! and Densha Otoko not on). >.>


  1. Well it had to come to this. She eventually will have to discover the bbs. Now, there’s just two episodes left for them to patch up. Next episode will definately break Tsuyoshi’s heart, leaving the last episode to patch it all up. Damn, sucks to know that the ending to this wonderful drama is coming up…

  2. 2 episodes? The message on the preview said “次回の「電車男」は9月15日(木)放送奇跡の最終章へ突入”, which I assumed meant that next time is the last episode. Or maybe by final chapter they mean more like final arc?

  3. AHAH I like that drama !
    I really wonder how she’ll react .. but I don’t think it will be bad as when she discovered he was a otaku , i think it’s less worst :p
    Jinkamo is too funny , i love that girl lol XD
    I just wondered how a drama can have episodes O.o ? It’s the first drama i begin to watch so .. ^^

  4. I’m not quite sure, but it seems like the next Densha Otoko will air Sept. 15 as a special (1 1/2 hour instead of the usual 1 hour). Whether it will end by then, I’m not sure too.

    About the next hurdle, I think it’s a lot worse than the otaku thing, because we’re talking about privacy here. Saori will feel violated even more because way of life, secrets and trauma are being blurted all over the message board to be known by complete strangers. It’s like virtual backstabbing.

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  6. Per Fuji TV: 2005年9月15日 22:00~22:54
    You can go here:
    Click on ドラマ and you’ll see Densha Otoko on the right column.
    The next episode is just heading to the final story arc, and it will finish with 11 episodes.
    The final episode will play on: 2005年9月22日 22:00~23:23

  7. Well, i dont a bit of understand nihongo, but, dont even needed. The way Tsuyoshi reacted tells everything. =)

    I came back to Brazil last week, so gonna download next episodies!!


    Chris Mise
  8. Well personally I really enjoyed watchimg this drama.I was very touched by it and I nearly cried after watching the episodes.The actors and actresses were brilliant espically Itoh Misaki.Well in our place-Hong Kong the episodes have only finished recently so I want to know how people from Japan think of it.And do they prefer the movie or the drama?

  9. what a funny drama, but touched. i had seen eps 1-end, not trully end but, last week I had the 2 eps special deluxe!!! hell yeah!!!
    but it seems not end…. or won’t???
    isn’t Hermes’s brand real?

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