Yuna Ito makes her debut playing Reira in the upcoming Nana movie by singing Endless Story. I honestly like this song more than Glamorous Sky, partially because I prefer slower songs. The PV is split between clips from the concert scene in the movie and various shots of her against a pink background. I can’t help but notice how much older she looks dressed up in the movie, compared to how she looks outside of the movie. Not that it matters – she’s beautiful either way. And she’s able to switch so seamlessly between English and Japanese, so I’m quite impressed. I so wish I could go see the Nana movie when it starts showing this Saturday…


  1. I’m very proud and excited that so many people appreciate Yuna’s talents. We all did and still do in Hawaii. I’ve known Yuna since we were in grade school and to see her finally perform at her fullest potential is the greatest thing of all. I miss my best friend and hope that she will excel at everything she desires.

    I love you girl!

  2. Heya, just discovered your site and kinda poke around 😀
    I agree that this song is nicer than Glamorous Sky 🙂
    I think Yuna Ito did well in her debut, cannot wait to see her next singles and albums and how she will grow after that 😉

  3. hi!! i love your website and i love yuna tio too!!! does anyone know if the nana movie is gonna come out anywhere in europe? i soooooo wanna see this movie and i’m in paris!!! thanks!!!

  4. Im really impressed with her english…at first, i thought this whole song was going to be in english because it sounded so “pretty.” Then after the first sentence or w/e it changed to japanese and it was “pretty” too so I was really amazed. I would prefer this song over Mika Nakashima’s Glamorous Days because I honestly like Yuna’s voice a lot better.


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