With the battle over, everyone on the Minerva is resting. Lunamaria finds Shinn at the firing range, but she quickly leaves, with Athrun and Meyrin on her mind. Shinn chases after her, but she tells him not to worry. Meanwhile, the ArchAngel arrives at Copernicus. Before they depart for the city, Athrun tells Kira about Shinn being the pilot of Destiny Gundam. At a resort, Meer is growing increasingly uneasy, which is compounded by the fact that her bodyguard keeps reaffirming that Meer is Lacus. Kira, Lacus, Meyrin, and Athrun have some fun shopping, and Lacus even tries on some clothes. Their fun is interrupted when Meer’s red Haro tracks them down and gives them a message telling them to save her. The group agrees that it may be a trap, but Lacus decides to go anyway. Meer, waiting at an outdoor theater, is astonished to see Athrun, but he, being very cautious, points a gun at her. When Meer and Lacus finally meet face to face, Meer starts to insist that she’s the real Lacus, even pointing a gun at them, though Athrun immediately shoots it out of her hand. Lacus responds that they are different people, even if they look the same, and says that Meer’s dreams are Meer’s. Torii swoops down just as Athrun and Lacus are about to be fired up, warning Athrun to get them out of the way. A firefight ensues where Athrun uses his ground combat skills to take out all of the would-be assassins. The battle is already over when Neo/Mwu arrives in the Akatsuki to bail them out. However, as Meer and Lacus are about to climb onto the Akatsuki’s hand, Meer spots her bodyguard struggling to fire one more shot. Reacting quickly, Meer takes the bullet and collapses on the floor. Briefly back in battle mode, Athrun kills the bodyguard. In her final breaths, Meer hands Lacus a picture of what she used to look like, and then apologizes before dying in Lacus’ arms.

Pretty good episode, though nothing really great or astonishing. Athrun’s got some pretty hefty skills with a gun and good footwork too with all the running and jumping around that he did. It was fun to see some non-MS battles again, and this particular firefight reminds me of the one from episode 36 of the original SEED (where Athrun and Lacus are ambushed in the theater). Still, my favorite scenes this episode were the more lighthearted ones: Neo/Mwu taking Murrue by the waist and Lacus scolding Kira for saying that everything looked fine on her. And I definitely flinched at the engrish of Meer’s Haro.
Of course, Meer is the main focus this week. Honestly though, during the firefight I was more worried about Lacus getting hurt than Meer. Which isn’t to say that her death isn’t a dramatic scene or that she’s a despicable character; she just makes some bad decisions, choosing to insist on being Lacus until the real Lacus talks some sense into her. So I didn’t feel that much sympathy when she took the bullet, though that act in itself is noteworthy. Ultimately, I’ll reserve judgment about her until after I see next episode (or maybe until after the end), which from the preview looks to be introspection into Meer’s character. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a recap, though I doubt it will be this close to the end.
Closing Thoughts: Is it just me or does the shot of the Akatsuki behind Kira (Screen 47) while Meer is dying seem a bit gratuitous?


  1. nah athrun cried coz he lost 3 of his harems…. Cagalli on earth, Lunamaria with Shinn and now Meer is dead… muhahahaha… anyway i think the first half of next week is recap and the second half would be dullindal mentioning destiny plan to the world and ordering a total wipe out of earth forces.. assuming there are any left that is…

  2. Meer died, so what…I mean R.I.P,whatever. Out of all the female leads the only character that I like is Cagalli. So I don’t care who dies, but then there won’t be no story if Lacus dies right?(Yeah right.) Does Lacus even have any faults? Also, Akatsuki still should be Cagalli’s. And if Meyrin hooks up with Athrun…I’m gonna freak. I know this is so off topic, but Athrun is a player, a womanizer!

  3. god, i haven’t seen this episode yet. But meer dies, OH YEAH!! i kinda hate her for trying to copy the real lacus >:D i’m just evil. I want to know what happens next. I mean, usually, when i had to catch up to the episodes, i didn’t have to wait a week, now i do. My brothers friend keeps on confusing me and saying that cagalli will die, man i hate when he does that. Well, sorry if that message was kinda confusing. I’m use to typing on AIM

  4. Okay, I just h ave to say this because it’s driving me insane. I’ve been to forum upon forum, and all I read is “Oh, thank God Lacus didn’t get hurt!” and “Wow Lacus is so kind and forgiving!” oh, and let’s not forget, “Better Meer than Lacus”.

    Why does everyone worry about Lacus and Lacus alone? Why does everyone admire her? If one were to read a fanfic with a perfect Mary Sue, they’d hate it, they’d destroy it on one of those mary sue bashing sites. And yet people adore Lacus, even though she herself is one big fat Mary Sue. I mean, in the series she’s made to be perfect, isn’t she? She never gets truly upset, never has any real character flaws or makes any bad decisions (that the series recognizes as bad and punishes her for). She’s 100% perfect – kind, understanding, sweet, smart. YAWN.

    I’m not a Meer fan, but I respect characters like her and Flay that have FLAWS. I mean if you run into someone like Lacus in the real world – actually, scratch that, because you WOULDN’T run into someone like Lacus in the real world. Cuz in the real world people have flaws. That’s why when writers create characters, the ones that are the best, the ones that are hailed by critics everywhere are those that make mistakes, do stupid things, get the viewers/readers angry at them, and yet can still envoke their sympathy, empathy and respect. Like Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Lacus is just a Jesus with boobs and pink hair. And what makes me sick is that NOBODY CARES.

    I don’t understand why people tend to forgive, and even love Mary Sues in anime/video games, yet burn them to ashes when they see one in fanfiction. The only difference is that one’s official. It doesn’t make one any less mind-bogglingly annoying than the other.

    You know what? Just forget it. I can’t wait for this stupid series to be over. Please don’t make a Gundam Seed Destiny II or some shit like that, or I swear, I will set someone from Bandai’s car on fire.

  5. Terra, I think you missed the fact that Lacus Clyne is not a regular coodinator, that’s why there is a strong connection between her and Kira. Kira is the ultimate coordinator that was not raised in a controlled environment. Lacus on the other hand, was raised by the Clyne family to fit a special purpose for PLANT. She is perfect for a reason, a reason that will be unfolded in the next few episodes of GS: Destiny.

  6. Next episode might be a recap – but looking at the images, what if “Meer” instead has LACUS going undercover as MEER to get close to the chairman?

    Be neat to see Real Lacus ™ dressing like Meer and doing Meer’s sexier numbers…

  7. Cagalli and Athrun should be together and mia should just but out of thier lives,and also mia should be sead a long time ago before episode 46.

    I think at the end of gundam seed destiny Cagalli and Athrun will get married. kira and lacus. Dearka and Mirriallia

    Claire liang
  8. Awesome episode, I feel for Meer Cambell, but she needs her own life and I got made when I heard her procaim she was the real Lacus. I personally love the character Lacus so that pissed me off, but in the end after Athrun’s gun pointed to her(*Eyes Shine*) And Lacus’s words I think she understood. Pity she had to go like that. *sigh*


  9. how can so many ppl 2 b so heartless? meer died yet they say all sorts of nasty things liked she deserved it or wadeva.. if not 4 lacus she might not have died… athrun n cagalli r a perfect pair n i’m clear of tad n is oso not right 4 meer 2 come n be the 3rd party… but throughout the series cagalli oso isn’t angry wif meer or wad.. n is perfectly normal 4 athrun 2 cry when someone who admired him 2 die while saving his gd fren’s girlfren…

  10. the pictures are so cool and when does gsd comes out on ytv because i’m so eger to see it (stranges my self for not watching it)lol well when i do see it i will bring my self up off the floor and start watching(eyes peeled to the tv screen) well i bet the show is alot better than the pictures here.

  11. why do ppl even gets upsad when meers died i mean shes so evil tryin to spoil every thing shes a slut jus tryin to show off her boobs god dame it i truly hate her i jus hope this story quikly ends so stupid they are obviously tryin to make every thing bad and i kinda hate athrun now he is like gg on bed with so many ppl and flurts around with lunemaria meyrin tt so irritating and the both of them are like keep on sticking on to athrun and i don think athrun desurves someone so nice like cagalli i think he is marely jus foolin around with her

  12. Oh well… I really don’t care about Meer (the hell with her)… or other characters in GSD… all I care abou is Cagalli and Athrun. The first time I watched GSD, saw their loveteam… and I just love the chemistry. I instantly fell in-love with them. I really admire Cagalli for her strong presonality.. and her faithfulness to Athrun… and her great value for dignity, self-reservation, justice, and respect. I really wish that they end up together… FOREVER. Hmmm… I think if ever Athrun ends up with another girl… I’LL FREAK OUT.

  13. I’m a big fun of Gundam seed really……..and I think that meer is going to far with her impersonating
    and besides anyone loves the real Lacus Clyne it a good episolde for me because the true now is reaveled

    Ella L. Manao
  14. Y everybody onli cares about the girls in the show i watch gundam because i like the gundam models . the meer tink she who, onli contribute part of the show and the next series we must see her past ……sry i got abit angry 🙂 but i tink lacus rocks and meer suks i hope ther will be another series:p unlike somebody who goes around setting fire on someones from bandai’s car SIAO CHAR BO :p

  15. meer dead???????????actually i not very like meer but i always think she just haven’t realised who the real she is??????now she”s dead,i think nothing has to seen again

  16. Hey!Hey!
    Never speak about GSD that way! GSD is the best (for me)!
    Except for the part where Mayrin and Athrun were together… I hate Mayrin for being so selfish! She should have asked Athrun if he likes her or not! For me, Cagalli should be Athrun’s lady… not Stupid Mayrin.
    Well… anyway, Athrun is the looser. He doesnt know how to choose the right lady…
    Athrun and Mayrin GO TO HELL! and HAPPY TRIP!

  17. gundam giving shinn asuka and mai hime destiny new body shinn asuka for JOEL PEREZ become angel gundam gundam seed/destiny and mai hime love mayo kagura and JOEL PEREZ YOU GOOD GUY LOVE HERO TOO YOU GUNDAM AND MAI HIME JOEL SHINN ASUKA LOVE MAYO KAGURA TOKYO CITY I GOING TO MAI HIME DESTINY THANKS YOU YOU WELLCOME I LOVE YOU JOEL I LOVE TOO MAYO KAGURA LET GO TO GUNDAM/DESTINY AND MAI HIME

  18. wow cagalli owns all those lil wussy gurls in this show
    and i also hate meyrin too , likes shes so random. hate how athrun doesnt even give a crap about cagalli, olny for those other gurlz. yee


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