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After twice witnessing first hand Tamaki’s uncanny ability to warn of danger, Aisia starts to think that there must be magic involved. She follows Tamaki to the shrine, though she is soon discovered. Tamaki shows her around, but Aisia interprets everything Tamaki says as being magical. Her suspicions are confirmed when Tamaki shows her the place where people go to pray, especially after hearing Tamaki say that it grants everyone happiness. Aisia immediately pledges herself to be Tamaki’s disciple and starts to undergo miko training. With her newfound “powers,” Aisia attempts to help the baseball team with disastrous results as she proceeds to use special balls that explode on impact. Tamaki herself has to save Aisia in from that situation. Junichi, having tea with Tamaki afterward, attributes Aisia’s magic talk to her imagination. Tamaki later explains to Aisia that the power of wishes is based on the strength of feelings. Returning home, Aisia finds a big meal waiting for her. Junichi and Nemu apologize for spending all of their time watching DVDs and not paying attention to her.

I was under the impression that we were going to have a round of girl of the week starting with Tamaki today. And in a sense, that’s what we get…except that Aisia turns out to be the female lead. This is another episode of Aisia air-headedness. And while that sounds bad, I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit. After all of the drama that came with Nemu’s return, it was good to get some laughs in again. Plus Aisia had several extremely cute moments, though I suspect a lot of this is just an excuse to put Aisia in miko garb.
I think I’m beginning to see how the production team is planning on “introducing” each girl. With Junichi and Nemu cemented together, Aisia is as good as any lead character to use. This episode, Junichi and Nemu spend almost the entire time watching DVDs and not getting enough sleep while Aisia runs around. So I guess DCSS isn’t a harem show anymore, instead a love story with Aisia thrown in. I don’t know how that girl is going to affect the story in the end, but for now she’s comic relief.
Next episode will be about Nanako. I can’t imagine how they’re going to work her and her manga in Aisia’s mind, but I’m sure it will be amusing like it was the last time we got a glimpse of her manga.

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