Short Summary:
Continuing where we left off last week, Ureshiko decides to reveal her powers to Tatsumi after she is unable to kiss him. Her ring starts to pulse, indicating trouble, and she finds it in a large cloud above the city where she’s ambushed by several of her fellow magical girls. Sayaka arrives and her colleagues urge her to take the ring. Sayaka instead breaks Ureshiko free, and the two escape. A shot from Bruga sends Ureshiko falling, but Tatsumi manages to catch her. The battle over, Ureshiko tells Tatsumi everything about her powers and her duties as Manager. She even confesses to liking him. That night in her room, Sayaka is once again interrogated by her stuffed animals. In response, she seals her magic and runs away from them, but bumps into her classmates who have been alerted to the fire at school. Apparently shards of the blast Bruga shot earlier scattered across the city and lit on fire at a later time. Sayaka is unwilling to help at first, but seeing her friends’ determination causes her to eventually run into the burning building to retrieve their class flag. Above, Ureshiko surveys a scene of multiple fires throughout the town. She uses the ring’s powers to make it rain, dousing all of the flames. As Sayaka and friends become overwhelmed by emotion after the fire ends, Ureshiko flies to Tamotsu’s home with one more thing in mind.

The plot is really moving along now. Ureshiko is unable to stand keeping her secret any longer, and tells all to Tatsumi. She no longer has to carry the burden alone now that she has Tatsumi to support her. Sayaka, who is watching the entire time, is probably envious of Ureshiko, but this episode also shows Sayaka making her own ties to this world. I have a vague suspicion that when Sayaka gets control of the ring and the Manager’s position, which looks to be very soon (next episode), she won’t choose to change any of it.
I am very happy about how this episode looks in terms of animation. They’ve almost made up for the fact that episode seven looked so bad…except that the preview doesn’t bode well. The shot of Ureshiko with the magical ring above her looks really bad. But hopefully it’s just that shot. Since the plot is pretty good now, I hope that the quality of the other aspects of this show stay good for the final episodes. It is also interesting to note that the show’s timeslot is being moved to an earlier hour (8PM) next week. Maybe it’s gaining popularity or they’re making a final push to promote the series.


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