Short Summary:
Syaoran and Kurogane purchase two swords: “Souhi” for Kurogane and “Hien” for Syaoran. They start Syaoran’s training with some dodging exercises. After some observing his movements, Kurogane concludes that Syaoran’s timing is messed up because of his eyes, but Syaoran is determined as ever to correct it. At the cafe, Fye has a piano put in for decoration purposes. Sakura is working her hardest to find out anything she can from the cafe patrons. In the afternoon, Fye leaves to go to city hall, leaving Sakura and Mokona alone. After Mokona falls asleep, a mysterious woman appears at the door. She asks Sakura to sing her song, prompting her with questions about why she’s there and where she came from. Sakura gets a glazed look in her eyes, but starts to sing. She remembers many images of Syaoran, but falls asleep crying after she finishes singing. Syaoran returns in the evening covered in bruises. Sakura goes into his room with the first aid box, but finds him passed out. Fye and Kurogane walk in later to find both of them asleep. Somewhere far away, another mysterious woman checks her computer and recites some information about Sakura with a cloaked figure suspended in a capsule in front of her.

This episode was ok, but I think it have been better. It felt like they were unnecessarily drawing out the storyline, especially with Oruha’s visit to the cafe and Sakura’s song, a scene which wasn’t in the manga. I would have been more pleased if they had used some memories of Sakura’s that we haven’t seen before instead of redoing the scenes that we have. I will give them credit for reanimating most of those scenes though, and I did rather enjoy Makino Yui’s soft singing voice.
We covered chapter 40 and the first part of 41. That leaves 6 more eps to cover some 8 and a half chapters to close the Outo arc. Not a great ratio, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that any plot that they add will only enhance the manga storyline. This week’s episode allowed us to see several people from other countries that also weren’t in the manga, including Touya and Yukito and the short mohawk guy from the first country (whose name escapes me). The preview for next episode shows more of Syaoran’s training, plus the meeting of Fye and Kurogane with Oruha.
Closing Thought: I wish they hadn’t made Chitose seem so creepy, though I guess it does add to the mystery of it all.


  1. I really liked the song, I wonder if it’s available for download anywhere.

    I think my judgment of this series tend to be less critical because I haven’t read the manga, and I wonder if that’s a good thing. I hear great things about the manga, and I do want to read it, but I also don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of the series.

    While I think that TC suffers from poor pacing and a horrible anti-climactic feel to it, I’m still enjoying watching it and especially enjoyed this episode.

    ps, know where I can get that song? 😉

  2. I’m just happy to finally realize that Oruha is played by Saeko Chiba! Also two for two on getting “insert” songs; this one presumingly by Makino Yui and ep 19’s by Saeko Chiba.

    Blast having to wait for someone to rip the songs once the CDs come out!

  3. The song is on the 「アムリタ」 single that was released August 16th, which has both the title song and this one, Makino Yui’s version of “you are my love”
    You folks should know where to look 😉
    Upon listening to the song several more times, I think I like it a lot more, though my original thoughts still stand. Oruha’s song with the fight scene made for an overall better scene. 🙂

  4. Hm… I’ve checked the Community section. But find no place where I can download Tsubasa Chronicle unsubbed.. Or.. I’ve found one. But no seeds…
    Need episode 20 unsubbed badly >_


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