Short Summary:
Aisia’s latest pasttime is reading manga, specifically Nanako’s “Magical Chiffon”. Of course, her favorite thing about it is how Magical Chiffon uses her powers to bring everyone happiness. Nanako’s latest installment is incomplete though. Suginami and Aisia try to help her work, but she just can’t figure out what to draw. Suginami notices Aisia is hindering Nanako’s work, so he sends her off to buy some cake. At the cafe, Aisia runs into Nanako’s editor, who happens to be looking for her. He’s getting impatient waiting for Nanako’s work. Aisia gets fed up after hearing the editor talk about magic and declares that magic should be used for happiness, and when the editor disagrees, she decides to prove it to him. Of course Aisia’s notion of helping is skewed and she doesn’t end up bringing anyone happiness. Even dressing up as a magical girl and helping some kids rebuild a sand castle fails after Aisia ruins it by putting a fish ornament on top. Nanako reveals that she believed in magic from when she was little, part of why she started drawing Magical Chiffon. Hearing Nanako lose faith, Aisia tries to conjure up the sand castle again, but isn’t able to. As Nanako walks off with her editor, a young boy runs in looking for a toy car. Aisia conjures him the wrong toy, but the boy is very impressed by her powers. Seeing this, Nanako gains the motivation to continue. Later, after reading her work, Aisia decides to definitely become a great magic user so that she can bring everyone happiness.

Another episode of magic and happiness. There some cute moments, but I didn’t like this episode as much as last week’s, mainly because the funny parts were few and far between. Highlights include when Aisia wrestles with the goat (and the subsequent panty shots), the score of 380, and Aisia’s Magical Chiffon getup and entourage in the form of Miharu, Moe, and Mako. If only they had done something more akin to the last time we saw Nanako’s manga in episode five. Now that I think about it, adding in Junichi into the mix would help the story a lot, since Aisia and the girl of the week are all that we’re focusing on. Instead, we get more and more reinforcement that Junichi and Nemu are pretty much inseparable. Makes me wonder how any other girl even has a chance. Speaking of which, Kotori got a tiny bit of screentime this episode. We see that she got a 98 while her classmate got a 38. However, she had virtually no lines, so Kotori fans will once again be disappointed.
I got twenty bucks on the fact that next episode will have Aisia thinking that Alice uses magic somehow in all of her acrobatics. Magic bringing happiness is the theme of this season, so you can almost count on it.


  1. Seriously after the first Ep the series has been slowly going downhill, I’m all in favor of fanservice and showing characters personalities and everything but after the Aisia enters arc (2-5) then the Nemu returns arc (6-9) Were now FINALLY getting to see some other character development… BUT I DON’T WANT THAT NOW I WANT SOME MORE DRAMA AND TO START UP KOTORI VS NEMU!!!

  2. Seriously, Second Season has been crap for me since the first episode too. The first episode was so nice that I expected a great storyline starring Kotori to follow, but so far, there’s been no episode that focuses on Kotori, who’s supposedly one of the main heroines. Really, crappy Nanako episode followed by that crappy Tamaki episode…Come on. Don’t turn this into another GSD now.


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